Observation of Northbound Funds in a Week: Ningde Times Net bought 1.674 billion yuan, WuXi AppTec was sold 2.2 billion yuan

Observation of Northbound Funds in a Week: CATL bought 1.674 billion yuan, WuXi AppTec was sold 2.2 billion yuan

The Financial Associated Press (Shanghai, editor Mu Yi) reported that this week (Monday to Thursday, Friday due to Christmas closures), a net outflow of 1.221 billion yuan in northbound funds, of which a net inflow of 1.12 billion yuan in Shanghai Stock Connect, Shenzhen Stock Exchange The net outflow was 2.341 billion yuan.

From the point of view of the net purchase amount, in the past 7 days, the top 5 stocks purchased by Northbound funds were: CATL, BYD, Baosteel, Oriental Fortune, and Ping An, respectively, with net inflows of 1.674 billion yuan, 1.077 billion yuan, 630 million yuan, 444 million yuan, 411 million yuan.

The top 5 stocks by net sales amount were: WuXi AppTec, Wuliangye, Shanxi Fenjiu, Longji Stocks, and Luxshare Precision, with net sales of 2.187 billion yuan, 1.556 billion yuan, 1.521 billion yuan, 812 million yuan, and 607 million yuan, respectively. Yuan.

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CITIC Securities believes that “fake foreign investment” has limited impact on the A-share market, and net inflows have resumed in the most recent trading day. Since the Securities Regulatory Commission stated last Friday that it will tighten the opening of stock trading accounts for mainland residents in Hong Kong-funded institutions in Hong Kong in the next year, the funds hosted in domestic and Hong Kong-funded institutions have maintained a continuous net outflow for 3 trading days. 12 From 17th to 21st, the net outflow was 21/17/13 billion yuan, showing a daily declining trend. On the 22nd, it has returned to a net inflow of 600 million yuan. At the industry level, “fake foreign capital” has mainly reduced its holdings of food and beverages (1.5 billion yuan) and new energy (700 million yuan) in the past 4 trading days, and such funds are currently hosted in offshore Hong Kong-funded institutions It still holds 125.8 billion A shares in food and beverage (15.3 billion yuan), power equipment and new energy (12.3 billion yuan), electronics (10.5 billion yuan) and other industries.

Throughout the week, the Shanghai Composite Index fell slightly by 0.39%, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 1.06%, and the ChiNext Index fell 4%.

Regarding the market outlook, Guotai Junan Strategy believes that the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index will maintain high volatility this week, and the pace of this new year’s offensive will be more moderate. After the easing expectations are fulfilled in stages, it is difficult for the market to make new marginal incremental contributions in the short term, and short-term disturbances such as foreign investment “anti-counterfeiting” will be superimposed, and it will be difficult for the turmoil to continue to increase quickly. Looking forward, the gradual implementation of the stabilizing growth policy in the first quarter of 2021 and loose expectations have once again opened up imagination. This new year’s offensive will continue to be further deduced. At the same time, the successive verification of economic/financial data will continue to strengthen the performance of the implementation. On the whole, this round of New Year’s Eve offensive is expected to continue to January-February 2022.

CITIC Securities believes that fund companies and sales channels are actively preparing for a “good start” in the first quarter of next year. Many star fund managers have successively announced the issuance plan of Xinji, and it is expected that incremental funds at the institutional level will continue to maintain A shares. The current ample funding situation in the market.

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