Obstacle of train boarding by Jeon Jeon-yeon… “Don’t stop” conflict all day

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The position of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the police has become stronger in response to the subway protests of the National Unity for the Elimination of Discrimination against People with Disabilities, which has been demanding a budget for the rights of people with disabilities.

Jeon Jeon said that he would get on the train within 5 minutes according to the mediation of the court, but the Seoul Metropolitan Government blocked the train from getting on the train itself.

Reporter Ji Yoon-soo covered the story.

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This morning, Samgakji Station on Seoul Subway Line 4.

Disabled people in wheelchairs approach the train, but are blocked by police shields.

“Let me ride the subway”

When Jeon Yeon-yeon resumed the protest, saying that only 0.8% of the budget for the rights of people with disabilities was reflected in this year’s budget, the Seoul Transportation Corporation and the police blocked boarding.

This is the first time that Jeon Jang-yeon has been prevented from boarding the bus since the start of the subway protest.

[삼각지역 역장]

“Please stop the demonstration immediately and leave the station. It is inevitable that the corporation will refuse to board the train.”

Previously, Jang Yeon-yeon prepared a clock set to ‘5 minutes’.

He said he would accept the court’s mediation plan to pay 5 million won to the transport corporation for every delay of more than 5 minutes.

[박경석/전국장애인차별철폐연대 상임대표]

“I will wait until you board. If you open the door, you will be able to come forward within 5 minutes…”

However, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon did not accept the court’s mediation plan, saying, “It is absurd to extend the subway by 5 minutes, which is a big deal if you are late by 1 minute.”

Jeon Jeon harshly criticized the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and the Transportation Corporation also cut off Jeon Jeon’s comments every minute.

[전국장애인차별철폐연대 회원]

“Don’t block it with a shield. Democracy is a living thing.”

As the conflict between the two sides continued throughout the day, around 3:00 pm, a train was passing through the triangle area without stopping.

Although a similar clash was predicted tomorrow, citizens’ opinions were mixed.


“With a little concession… I don’t feel very uncomfortable.


“It’s very inconvenient for children. It’s been this way since it’s been a lot of trouble with my livelihood, so I think I have to do it this way…”

Meanwhile, the police announced that they had sent 24 members of the Jeon Jeon Yeon, who had been investigated for delaying the operation of a train on their way to work, to the prosecution.

This is Ji Yoon-soo from MBC News.

Video commentary: Han Jae-hoon / Video editing: Kwon Na-yeon

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