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Obstetrics doctors wonder if taking birth control pills to stimulate blood clots – is it okay to get vaccinated or not?

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Obstetricians, doctors have doubts about taking birth control pills to stimulate blood clotting, is it true? If taking birth control pills and going to get COVID-19 vaccine or not, how to use birth control pills have a lower risk of blood clots.

According to the online world, news of a woman’s death after being vaccinated against COVID-19. In which the friend of the deceased suspects that The deceased took birth control pills and went to get vaccinated. Will a blood clot be the cause of death or not.

On this May 29, 2021, Dr. Oranik Musikwong, MD, obstetrician and gynecologist at Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital. Has posted a video clip via Facebook Olarik Musigavong, the title of the clip “922 Eight-Minute Medicine, Blood Clots, Control Pills, COVID Vaccine” By Dr. Oranik He said today he will be speaking on the subject of COVID-19 vaccination and causing blood clots in the lungs. First of all, I must express my condolences to the family of the deceased. However, that According to the available data, it is not 100% indicative of whether a COVID-19 vaccine is causing a blood clot. Including the case that the patient takes the contraceptive pill, will it affect it?

Dr. Oranik said that in this case he will speak using two principles: scientific data. And experience

– Scientific information

The fact that we are ordinary people do not use birth control pills at all. Has a chance of a blood clot clot “Normal people can get blood clots.” In women, the chances of thromboembolism are pregnancy and after delivery. Blood clots can clog veins or lungs. Many times a blood clot occurs in the legs. Then floated to the lungs Sometimes the patient may have leg swelling anyway, suffocation, chest tightness.

– What factors can cause more blood clots to occur in people taking oral contraceptives?

1. Fat
3. High blood pressure
4. Diabetes
5.Multiple ovarian cyst (PCOS)

– How to use birth control pills to reduce the risk of blood clots?

In this group, doctors do not usually recommend combined hormonal contraceptives. Because it increases the risk Oral contraceptives that contain high estrogen (50 micrograms) also increase the risk of developing blood clots. Therefore, when going to buy birth control pills Inform the pharmacist that you need birth control pills that have a low chance of thromboembolism. Just look at the amount of estrogen hormones do not exceed 50 micrograms and have to look at the type of progestin hormones that version 3 will cause high blood clots.

Taking birth control pills to stimulate blood clotting, is it true?

– Thrombosis from birth control pills And the occurrence of blood clots from different types of vaccinations

However, the thromboembolic mechanism in oral contraceptives With the occurrence of blood clots from the COVID-19 vaccine Are different types, meaning that according to the information available, taking oral contraceptives COVID-19 vaccine could be vaccinated because they were not known to be related.

-If I am already taking birth control pills, how do I get vaccinated?

If you are concerned, stop the birth control pill before going to get the COVID 19 vaccine and use another contraception.

– How long do I have to stop taking birth control pills?

Doctors will need to use as much information as they have to say, for example, usually before the surgery. Had to stop hormones 1 month before surgery If you want your body to be clean It is free from the hormones of the birth control pill. Had to stop birth control pills for 1 month

Again, there is no information about the contraceptive injection. And vaccination will increase the chance of thromboembolism. But if you want to stop before getting vaccinated Was to stop the injectable birth control pill 3 months before going to vaccination

– Can I get injected during menstruation?

As I said there was no information. But in general, women are uncomfortable when they are menstruating. Then move the injection a little to be comfortable Conclude after a period of vaccination gradually.

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Thanks for the information from Facebook Olarik Musigavong.

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