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“Ode to Joy 3” “Five Beauties” are all replaced in the summer, and another wave of new dramas is coming in the second half

Seeing that the summer season has reached the second half, another wave of new dramas rushed in!

Suddenly, the reality drama “Ice Rain and Fire” with Chen Xiao and Wang Yibo went live on Youku this Thursday. This drama takes the frontline anti-drug police as the main character. start filming. “Agarwood is like crumbs” starring Zi and Cheng Yi.

The female lead is still the main stream of the summer season, following Yuan Quan’s “A Covenant of Roses” and Chen Shu’s “Second Embrace”, Jiang Shuying’s “Ode to Joy 3” and Guan Xiaotong’s “Twenty”, Don’t Confuse 2. also installed.

There is also the campus youth drama “We Chasing the Rainbow”, which is clearly adapted for the post-90s generation. It is also due to be launched next Tuesday.

Replicating the frontline anti-drugs force

“Fire and Ice”

Start date: August 11

Broadcast platform: Youku Solo Broadcast

“Frozen, Rain and Fire” is a reality drama, with Fu Dongyu as the main director and Melias, Zhang Yuanang and Fu Dongyu as the main screenwriters, which reproduces the real situation of the frontline anti-drug police. The previous “Icebreaker”, which was also based on the anti-drug theme, was also written by Fu Dongyu. In addition to Chen Xiao and Wang Yibo, the two leading actors with their own “traffic”, this drama also has a group of veteran actors, including Wang Jinsong, Liu Yijun, Zhao Zhaoyi, who are very familiar.

Chen Xiao, who was often searched for “Menghualu” before, played the role of Wu Zhenfeng, an anti-drug policeman. Three years ago, Wu’s father was killed by the K drug trafficking group for drug-related crimes. Wu Zhenfeng was also expelled from the police force for recklessly breaking discipline. Later, in order to save his friend Chen Yu, he was kidnapped by drug dealers, and he has never heard from him again. Three years later, Chen Yu, played by Wang Yibo, also became an anti-drug policeman. He met Wu Zhenfeng again, but found that he was inextricably linked with the drug cartel.

In order to completely destroy the drug trafficking group, Chen Yu obeyed the order of the superior department and took off his police uniform to start a new course in his anti-drug career. At the same time, he learned that Wu Zhenfeng was actually a lone hero lurking in the drug cartel, and the two entered the drug cartel one after another…

In order to pursue authenticity and a sense of plot replacement, the main creative team has visited the Anti-Narcotics Bureau, drug rehabilitation centers, etc. many times to collect styles and create scenes, in order to use the lenses of real life fine and realistic brush strokes to get as close to the daily life of the anti-drug police as possible.

The opening episode of “Ice Rain and Fire” is full of crises, whether it’s Wu Zhenfeng fighting alone and going to a ruthless drug dealer to clear his father’s grievances, or the excitement of Chen Yu’s work as he pursues Wu Zhenfeng in the lane, or the suspicious identity of Lin Dezan and the drug dealers exchanging news, all of them in It allows the audience to experience the difficulties and obstacles faced by the frontline anti-drug police when fighting dealers drugs.

The “Five Beauty” on the 22nd floor have all been replaced

“Ode to Joy 3”

Start date: August 11

Broadcast platform: Tencent Video, Migu Video, Dragon TV

As a popular female-themed drama, “Ode to Joy” has a sequel to the sequel! This “Ode to Joy 3” still uses the team of the “Ode to Joy” series, produced by Noon Sunshine, with Hou Hongliang as the main producer, director Jian Chuanqi and the original writer and screenwriter of the this season, Anai.

However, the “Five Beauties” on the 22nd floor consisting of Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Wang Ziwen, Yang Zi and Qiao Xin have been replaced by the “New Five Beauties”, the intriguing Ye Zhenzhen Ruida (and played by Jiang Shuying), refined and capable Fang Zhiheng (played by Yang Caiyu), Zhu Zhe (played by Zhang Jianing), who is human, ideally Ho Minhong (played by Zhang Huiwen), and Yu Chuhui (played by Li Haofi) is sober and active.

“It’s not easy for a girl to find a safe shared house in Shanghai…” “Ode to Joy 3” also takes the 22nd floor of the Ode to Joy Community as the scene and uses trivial daily life as clues to tell the story of five people who grew up in different circumstances Women, in laughter and stumbling, reaping a sincere and touching sisterhood, and working together to overcome the dark and dangerous thorns of life.

But maybe it’s because the first two parts of “Ode to Joy” made too deep an impression on the audience, and the new configuration of “Ode to Joy 3” has nothing to do with the previous work. the screenwriter of the first two films cannot be filled.

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