Odie’s ex-wife and actor said that the “love password” license plate has become irreplaceable evidence_Zheng Yuncan_Chen Hao_Netizen

Original title: Odie’s ex-wife and male star say the “Code of Love” license plate is hard evidence

Male star Ou Di (Ou Hansheng) married Zheng Yuncan in 2014. After the wedding, they had 2 daughters. In September last year, they suddenly announced without warning that they broke up and their 7-year marriage ended officially ended, but then it was reported that Ou Di’s ex-wife Zheng Yuncan was suspected of being with actor Chen Haosen. Today (23rd), some media broke the news again. It was reported that Zheng Yuncan originally planned to have a “secret meeting” on Valentine’s Day. He found that paparazzi were following and quickly fled, and Zheng Yuncan’s license plate even hid the “password of love” for the two.

After Zheng Yuncan and Chen Haosen had a relationship, they immediately changed their license plates. They thought they wanted to avoid people’s eyes and ears. After a closer look, they found that the license plate number was mysterious. The love profile high and secret machine also shows that the romantic love between the two has exploded.”

Chen Haosen is said to have been revealed to have a private IG account last year, and the number behind the account is Zheng Yuncan’s birthday, and the two sides often like each other. Some netizens even speculated that the two parties started dating in September last year, which means that Zheng Yuncan had not broken up with Ou Di at that time, Chen Haosen’s personal account said “he is you if you survive” Later, after Zheng Yuncan broke up, the presentation became a breakup again. Later, it was changed to “Weeeeeee”, which looks like a cry of love.

In addition, Zheng Yuncan had lunch with his friends, and a group photo was uploaded to the social networking site. There was also a mysterious man covered in stickers in the photo. Netizens also boldly speculated that it was Chen Haosen. the man blocked, and the pictures and associated texts also disappeared.Return to Sohu, see more


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