Office of the President of Ukraine warns officials about dereliction of duty to ‘immediate dismissal’ | Reuters

Ukraine’s chief of staff, Yermak (pictured) warned on January 26 that government officials who neglected their duties during the war would be dismissed immediately. FILE PHOTO: Kyiv, September 2022. REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko

[26日 ロイター] – The President of Ukraine, Yermak, warned on Thursday that government officials who neglect their duties during the war will be dismissed immediately. President Zelensky has stepped up his fight against corruption, sacking a number of high-ranking officials this week over allegations of corruption and scandals.

All officers “should understand how much responsibility they have to their country and people in times of war. Anyone who forgets this will be punished immediately,” Yermak said on Twitter. He said he would do it regardless of his position.

Political analysts say Zelensky wants to show Western-backed countries and the war-weary Ukrainian people that he is serious about cleaning up corruption.

Mr Zelensky also reiterated on Wednesday that he will not allow government officials and lawmakers to travel abroad for non-official purposes.


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