Officers are investigating the explosion in front of the hospital. The police killed 1, wounded 4 others

On the night of September 20, an attacker bombed a police officer, Chor Por 20 patrol team, Mai Kaen police station, Pattani province, while on duty in the area of ​​responsibility. It appears that when they arrived in front of Mai Kaen Hospital, Pattani Province, the criminals detonated an improvised explosive device. Until causing the death of 1 officer, 4 were injured. The incident happened at night.

For the latest progress, at 8:30 am on 21 September, Pol Maj Gen Narin Busaman, head of the Pattani Provincial Police, Pol. Torlarp Lengha, Superintendent of Police, Mai Kaen Police Station, Pattani Province, together with explosive ordnance disposal officers and forensic officers examined the scene again to find evidence. The location of the accident was at the fire of an old shop on the side of the road, next to the wall of Ysbyty Mai Kaen and opposite Ysgol Mai Kaen Kitti Wittaya. Today, the school has announced that teaching is temporarily closed. The fire explosion destroyed the shop and the glass. Mai Kaen Hospital was damaged in several places.

while the object witness is found Authorities collected some of the bomb fragments that were scattered around the location and took them for forensic examination to determine the connection. What area of ​​evidence does this incident correspond to and what group or person is it associated with? The attackers used the bomb to try to fill the gas tank. Weight about 15 kg, fired by radio communication. for such incidents From the investigation, it was revealed that, before the incident, the above officers, led by Lieutenant Colonel Sathien Chueraprasart, deputy head of the Mai Kaen Police Station, together with a group of 5 officers, used a truck patrol as their vehicle to continuously explore the area.

After returning from the convenience store check more than when he arrived at the scene The attacker detonated the bomb immediately. This caused the explosion to hit a pickup truck with officers until the car lost control and hit a street light pole. And also causing the officers to fall from the car, causing officers Maj. Bari Baka, 38, the head of the group, was killed immediately by shrapnel, injuring 4 people, including 1. Police Lieutenant, Sathien Chueanprasat, 2. Pol Col. Wichai Kaewlaad, 3. Pol, Colonel Aris Daragai, 4. Pol, Col. Ahmad Hayitaye, all four with Explosive scab wounds, resting at Mai Kaen Hospital, still in good condition


Pol Maj Gen Komkrit Rattanachaya, the Pattani police chief, said that the attackers believed that this incident had buried the bomb within an hour before the accident, as the fire had stopped selling old shops. gap where the bad guys have the opportunity to bring bombs to capture and kill officers. He has charged the officers to speed up the work of finding witness objects as much as possible, including checking the images from all the CCTV cameras which are now enough to know the clues and the behavior of the villain In the process of gathering evidence

which is the villain is the original group that used to cause incidents and movements in the area of ​​Mai Kaen District and the border area of ​​Ba Cho District, Narathiwat Province, which the news department in the area previously said The rebels have planted three local bombs and one exploded last August. Before the second bomb exploded this time, however, a bomb attack near one of the government facilities Hospitals and schools in particular are considered serious and unlikely to happen. Because the hospital is considered a service point and takes care of people who come to receive treatment. In this incident, he has instructed security forces to surround and search the targeted area and speed up the process of tracking and apprehension of the attackers as soon as possible.

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