Official Distributor of Logitech S-Rise Co., Ltd., Musinsa x Logitech for Creator Promotion

Logitech’s official distributor, S-Rise (CEO: Sa Seung-mok), announced that it will hold a discount promotion for the Logitech Creator device line through ‘Musinsa’ from September 22 to 25. There will be various additional free gifts such as gift certificates Shinsegae are presented depending on the product purchased at this event, where a discount rate of up to 35% is applied.

■ Anyone can become a creator. – Logitech for Creators

You can easily come across articles and news that the number of people involved in content creation as a hobby or side job is increasing.

But it’s also true that you’re afraid of starting out on your own. This is because I have great ideas running around in my head, but I am not familiar with the device tools for creators. ‘What kind of equipment should I start shooting with?’ ‘Recording?’ ‘Isn’t that too expensive?’ For individual creators and beginners, such as choosing devices and budget, there are many cases where it comes with a lot of pressure.

Accordingly, Logitech is showing a new solution by launching a brand for creators, ‘Logitech for Creators’ in Korea. Under the brand slogan ‘Creator’s Dream, Logitech and On Air’, we aim to provide unique products and solutions so that creators can realize their dreams by realizing their outstanding potential and capabilities. With a diverse program from beginners to experts, we support creators to get the best results easily, quickly and more logically, from live streaming to video production, podcasting and music recording.

■ Logitech micro USB flagship Blue Yeti X (BLUE YETI X)

The Logitech BLUE YETI X is a USB microphone designed for professional streamers and content creators, making it easy to create high-quality content on a variety of platforms. It supports 4 pickup patterns and supports studio-grade audio customization options as well as the use of presets with dedicated G HUB and Blue VO!CE software.

The intuitive design is also a big plus for novice creators taking on new challenges. It maintains the retro sensibility and design identity of the existing blue Yeti microphone as much as possible, and has a matte surface that is resistant to fingerprints and oil in a dark gray color. It is characterized by a design that does not change likes or dislikes with a stylish design that is stronger and more luxurious through a metal home.

The high-resolution LED meters intuitively display the voice level, and the multi-function smart knob allows real-time adjustment while streaming. For creators who want to create their own signature sound and melt it into content, the Logitech Blue Yeti X is a unique product.

■ New Yeti Aurora Color Collection

Among the products participating in the event, the Logitech BLUE YETI Aurora Collection, which has just been released in White Mist and Pink Dawn, stands out.

Renowned for its high cost-performance ratio and excellent design, Logitech’s Blue Yeti is a microphone used by musicians, audio experts, YouTubers, Africans, Twitch, and live streamers as well as general users. It controls the directivity of the shape and the sound absorption pattern, and realizes a rich sense of space and three-dimensional sound.

Using the 3.5-pi headphone jack, it is possible to quickly monitor without delay while recording, and it can be connected to the RADIUS III or Compass through an official standard hole mount, and the microphone can be placed at a desired angle, so it is possible to create a usable space.

In order to use the microphone function 100%, the dedicated software ‘Logitech G-HUB’ must be installed, and detailed values ​​can be checked via the app or more detailed adjustments such as soft firmware are possible.

It can be used by plug-and-play method only with a simple USB connection, and can produce more vivid and immersive professional quality content by setting a pick-up pattern suitable for various audio environments such as recording and streaming, on-line meetings line, podcasts, and ASMR.

■ Streaming webcam, Logitech Stream CAM (STREAM CAM)

Logitech’s all-weather STREAM CAM will also be participating in this event.

Logitech’s STREAM CAM is compatible with various video conferencing applications, as well as a premium dual front-mounted microphone, enabling voice recording without a separate microphone. Logitech Capture and built-in AI support smart face recognition autofocus and exposure adjustment functions that respond to changes in the surrounding environment and focus accurately. In addition, various webcam control functions are supported, such as full HD vertical video shooting with a 9:16 ratio suitable for uploading to SNS such as Instagram, electronic image stabilization, connecting multiple cameras, real-time text overlay, and effects transfer scene. Logitech Stream CAM can be chosen from two colors, black and white, and supports stability and fast video transfer speed at the same time by connecting it with a USB-C type 3.1 cable.

In addition, compact size and cost-effective USB condenser microphone ▲ Logitech Blue Yeti Nano and Logitech Blue Microphone XLR lineup ‘▲Spark SL’, ‘▲Bluebird SL’, ‘▲Baby Bottle SL’ Condenser microphones, etc. You can meet with’ r condenser microphones Logitech product line in one place.

Detailed event details of ‘Logitech for Creators’, loved by gamers as well as content creators for their excellent quality and cost-effectiveness, can be found on S-Rise Co.’s ‘Musinsa’ detailed page, Ltd.

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