Officials from CESFAM N°3 protested against the poor infrastructure, while CORMUN denies suspension of expansion works. > The Rancagüino

Officials from the Family Health Center No. 3 of Rancagua demonstrated outside the healthcare facility and on Avenida Bombero Villalobos in the city due to the poor infrastructure, which translates into insufficient physical spaces that the health establishment has for carry out care tasks for nearly 30 thousand users.

And almost a year ago – specifically on October 1, 2022 – the mayor of Rancagua, Juan Ramón Godoy, announced to the residents improvement and expansion works for CESFAM No. 3 in the regional capital that would benefit 29 thousand users. .

At that time, the same councilor explained to the neighbors that these were works to improve and expand the infrastructure of the ‘Abel Zapata’ municipal health facility, in addition to the installation of eleven care boxes, a sampling room, improvement casino and common spaces for officials, the incorporation of a lifting platform for people with reduced mobility and a universal bathroom, among other interventions that would improve the quality of care for users and officials of the health center in the southwestern sector of Rancagua.

At that time, the Rancagüino communal chief expressed “Today we met with officials, neighbors, with members of advisory councils, announcing this budget that was approved by the Municipal Council and that we were able to transfer to the Corporation to have works to expand and improve CESFAM No. 3. This CESFAM dates back to 1968, it had not had any repairs, going from 5 thousand to 29 thousand users; Therefore, we took care of what was urgent,” said Mayor Godoy on that occasion, who added “The neighbors complained to us about the lack of infrastructure. Today we can do a complete expansion with new boxes, better conditions for the officials.”

With this announcement, a solution was given to an outstanding debt of more than 50 years to repair the facility, which went from serving 5,000 to 29,000 users, which at that time drew applause from the community. However, almost a year after that date, officials remain concerned who feel that the project is not being carried out.


As a result of the demonstration carried out by officials of Cesfam No. 3 ‘Abel Zapata’, for the alleged suspension of the execution of works in the expansion of the Family Health Center, the Municipal Corporation of Rancagua reported “we deny such fact, since the Cesfam No. 3 expansion project is waiting to obtain the municipal building permit from the Works Directorate of the Municipality of Rancagua, who has not given approval to begin the execution works.

From the Municipal Corporation of Rancagua they added that “to start the long-awaited project not only for the officials of the Family Health Center, but also for the entire community, you must first have the building permit from the Management. of Works. Parallel to this, through the Department of Studies and Projects, new funds are being sought to also apply for this initiative,” they concluded.


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