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Officials have no protection for MLAs: Opposition against Assembly Secretary | Gold smuggling kerala

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Thiruvananthapuram: The Opposition is against the Secretary of the House who sent a letter to the Customs seeking the Speaker’s permission to question the Speaker’s PA in the dollar smuggling case. Officials do not have special protection for MLAs. The opposition also accused the church secretary of twisting the law.

The Legislative Secretary informed that the Speaker’s permission is required to give notice to the officials within the perimeter of the Assembly. Referring to this, Assembly Secretary S.V. The letter was handed over to Customs by Unnikrishnan Nair. Speaker’s Asst. Secretary K. Ayyappan was given two notices by the customs but he did not appear. Ayyappan had informed the customs that he would appear after getting permission from the office.

It is illegal to provide care to employees: K. C. Joseph

The Speaker’s Asst. Secretary K. KC Joseph MLA said that the action of the assembly secretary who is preparing to protect Ayyappan is illegal.

Rule 165, which provides protection to legislators, seeks to protect the employee by twisting it. By law, the Speaker’s permission is required for civil or criminal proceedings to be instituted against members of the Legislature. Its protection is for legislators only. The same applies to the Speaker’s staff, the Legislative Secretary, who is also the Judicial Officer.

Despite two notices to Customs Ayyappan, he did not appear. It was when the notice was issued for the third time that the Assembly Secretary took this completely wrong position. Earlier, when the Chief Minister’s Additional Private Secretary CM Raveendran was called in for questioning, he was evacuated several times.

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People are becoming more skeptical when they avoid questioning. The speaker and his office are now in doubt. KC Joseph pointed out that for the first time in the history of Kerala, the office of the Speaker is also in doubt.

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