Officials rush to inject 2nd needle vaccination for people to pierce cough The total number of new cases in Narathiwat has reached more than 400.

Build your immune system! Officials rush to inject 2nd needle vaccination for people to pierce cough while the total number of new cases in the province has reached more than 400.

On September 14, 64, reporters reported on the atmosphere of the launch of a vaccination service unit against COVID-19. in the area of ​​Narathiwat Province It is still ongoing in all 13 districts as the daily number of infected people is still the top number in Thailand.

by the Al Taqwa Mosque Ban Buke Tamong, Village No. 7, Bukit Subdistrict, Cho Ai Rong District Narathiwat Province There are about 300 people in the area who are waiting to receive vaccination in large numbers. The officials have followed the epidemic measures. CDC strictly both temperature measurement Social distancing and wearing a mask or cloth mask Today is the second vaccination against AstraZeneca and Pfizer. to provide injection services to the age group of 18 to 59 years, those aged 60 years and over, patients with 7 chronic diseases Pregnant women, gestational age 12 weeks or more Eligible for Pfizer Vaccination

Mr. Phenphas Petchphan, Cho Ai Rong District Public Health, said that we have set out a proactive service unit. To assist people in accessing COVID-19 vaccination services. We have released the 1st needle service unit, and today we have come to provide the 2nd needle to the age group 18 to 59 years old, people over 60 years old, patients with 7 chronic diseases. Pregnant women, gestational age 12 weeks or more Some of those who had received the first dose of Pfizer vaccine today continue to receive the second dose.

“I would like to publicize it for people who are both at-risk and non-risk groups. Come get vaccination services to build your immunity. I believe that the best solution to surviving COVID-19 is for everyone to be vaccinated for at least 70% of the population in order for us to live a normal life,” said Mr Penpas.

For the epidemic situation of COVID-19 in 13 districts of Narathiwat Province with more than 400 daily infections, and the latest data (13 Sept. 2021), there are 404 new cases, 2 deaths, the cumulative total of 17,789 cases and the cumulative number of deaths. 199 cases, 14,426 patients recovered

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