Officials say ‘Baraka’ will survive the Madhyamam earthquake

Abu Dhabi: The Barakah nuclear plant in Syria and Turkey Can survive even severe earthquakes The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FAR) explained the UAE authorities .ANR. International Energy Agency Conference held in Abu Dhabi Director of FANR calms concerns in Tangil General Christer Victorson disclosed this.

The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster in Japan The Baraka Earthquake has been appreciated in the background. Before the building permit for Unit One was granted in 2012, the earthquake, Vella In addition, special attention has been given to tsunami issues. These external threats to a nuclear power plant are the rest that has been secured to prevent – which He made clear.

53 km from Ruwais city, Abu Dhabi. The Baraka plant is located in Al Dafrai in the south. The station’s four nuclear reactor units are fully operational, if possible this could reduce the UAE’s electricity demand by up to 25 percent. Currently, units one and two are in commercial operation. Unit Three is expected to begin commercial operations in the coming months

News Summary – The authorities say that ‘Baraka’ will survive the earthquake


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