Offline Music Player Free music player app, supports offline download, background playback (iOS)

Although there are many free music apps in the App Store, such as Spotify, they cannot be downloaded offline to listen to, so you cannot continue listening without an internet connection. Previously, we introduced a free eSound Music app, which could be downloaded, but was removed for some reason. The good news is that I recently found another Offline Music Player. Although the YouTube part cannot be downloaded, it is not available for download. This model also supports other music platforms, so there is a chance to find the same songs from other platforms and download them, which will be introduced to you below.

Description of Offline Music Player Free Music Player App

After opening the Offline Music Player App, there will be a simple download tutorial at the beginning. In short, after finding the music you want to download, go to the playback interface, and then click the favorite icon on the right to start the download. super fast. Then after entering the favorite list, you can see the music you downloaded:

As shown below:

I also measured that turning on the airplane mode and turning off the Wi-Fi wireless network can indeed play:

In the home page, you can directly search for the name of the music song you are looking for. There are also preset common audio and video websites, including: YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Click to quickly enter the website:

However, after entering the YouTube video and music section, “No download, no background playback” will be displayed below, which is limited by YouTube’s positive influence relationship:

Background playback becomes picture-in-picture:

Non-YouTube music can play in the background:

Although YouTube cannot be played in the background, this app has its own power saving mode, which will dim the screen, which is pretty good, and it is rare to see an app design. But remember not to lock the screen, the lock will stop:

Although YouTube cannot be downloaded, this app also supports other music platforms. After you find the song you want, click “Song” at the top to find other platforms where you can download the music. After clicking on it, if it displays feedback, it means Available to download:

Test download successfully:

In the music library menu, you can view your past play history and create playlists. The functions are quite complete:

What’s more special is that he also has a link download function, you can check whether you can download it by entering the URL. I haven’t tested this. If you can’t find the music you want to download, you can try this function and download it from other websites. Find:

There are many functions in my menu. The free version will have advertisements, but not many. It also has a built-in sleep timer, with five times: 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes:

In addition, the shortcut icons on the home page can also be added manually. If you have frequently used music websites, you can also add them:

Finally, I would like to remind that there should be a problem with the music download source of this App. Friends who mind the copyright, it is recommended to skip it. Don’t use this one. Spotify or YouTube Music are better.

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