Oh Eun-young, complaining of stress after coming out “Severe psychological state” to Hong Seok-cheon

Hong Seok-cheon complains of stress after coming out
“Receive up to 100 counseling messages per day through SNS”
Oh Eun-young “It’s not right to give advice to an unspecified person you don’t know”

Broadcaster Hong Seok-cheon appeared on Channel A’s entertainment program ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’, which aired on the 26th. Photo = Video capture of Channel A entertainment program ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’

[아시아경제 온라인이슈팀] Broadcaster Hong Seok-cheon talked about the difficult days after coming out.

On the 26th, Channel A’s entertainment program ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’ (hereinafter ‘Golden Counseling Center’), aired on the 26th, showed Dr.

Hong Seok-cheon confessed to insomnia due to stress. He confessed, “People only think of me as a bright image, but when I’m alone, I’m very serious.” Hong Seok-cheon said, “Things that I had endured and endured were bursting when my family said a word. It was different from swearing by strangers,” he said.

He continued, “I have severe insomnia. I came out 21 years ago and I consulted people in the same situation through social networking services (SNS). Then, so many people contacted me, so I couldn’t sleep.”

Hong Seok-cheon said, “They even made payments with my own replies. I asked, ‘Why don’t you reply?’ He shocked viewers by appealing, “I receive at most 100 messages a day, and even recently, I receive 3 to 40 messages a day.”

Oh Eun-young was concerned that Hong Seok-cheon’s psychological condition was serious, but advised that it was not appropriate for Hong Seok-cheon, who is not an expert, to consult. When Oh Eun-young asked, “Do you think Hong Seok-cheon’s advice is helpful?” Hong Seok-cheon said, “It may not help. Do you give this advice to this person?’ There are times when I want to. I don’t know the exact situation, so I say, ‘I think I would.’

OK Oh Eun-young said, “The purpose of proper counseling is to develop the person’s inner strength. It is not to help or solve the problem. They keep saying that they help, but that is a charity project. Counseling is the process of developing that person’s inner strength.” He explained, “It may be helpful for a while, but you have to judge carefully whether it really helps.”

He continued, “You should not consult with an unspecified person you do not know. The risk is very high. And you must set an objective and neutral position. You must set a system and time. Also, do not make personal contact during the consultation process. If I receive all the calls, I will lose my inner strength.”

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