Oh Hye-hyeon from ‘High School Mom 4’ Responds to Privacy Controversy

‘High School Mom 4’ Oh Hye-hyeon Issues Statement Addressing Privacy Concerns

Article Published: 2023-11-21 14:46:55
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Performer Oh Hyeon-hyeon featured in MBN’s ‘High School Dad 4’ Offers Response

‘High School Daddy 4’ contestant Oh Hyeon-jae has directly addressed the ongoing controversy surrounding her personal life.

On November 21st, Oh Hyeon-jae, a participant on MBN’s ‘Adults Don’t Know High School Dad 4’, released an official statement clarifying, “There was a misunderstanding with the informant in regards to the debate.”

Expressing her perspective, she stated, “Through this incident, I recognized that my words could easily be misconstrued depending on the individuals I encounter and the circumstances. My sole intention as a mother is to provide the best upbringing for my three children.”

In response to the controversy, Oh Hyeon-jae emphasized, “The financial support allocated for my children is solely utilized for their well-being. Moving forward, I am committed to making every effort to transition my older child out of daycare. I am dedicated to the well-being of my two children.”

Concluding her statement, she expressed regret, stating, “I deeply regret and apologize for causing the controversy. Through the broadcast, I have engaged in self-reflection and aspire to become a better mother. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

The production team also weighed in, stating, “Following the controversy, the informant and the production team engaged in a substantial conversation, acknowledging a misunderstanding. It took time to articulate our position in order to verify the accurate facts.”

Further elaborating, they explained, “The content of the broadcast involving the contestant was not produced merely for support, but to offer an objective understanding of the situation regarding her children while proposing solutions through the broadcast.”

Previously, the broadcast revealed the story and daily life of Oh Hyeon-jae, who gave birth to three children from different biological fathers. Controversy arose as individuals claiming to be her acquaintances made online revelations, leading to public scrutiny.

Allegations were made by Informant A, questioning the veracity of her statements and her personal life choices, fueling the ongoing debate.

As the controversy continues to unfold, Oh Hyeon-jae’s response seeks to offer clarity while addressing the concerns raised by the public and shedding light on her perspective.

‘High School Mom 4’ Oh Hye-hyeon responds to privacy controversy, “The informant misunderstood… “The subsidy is used for childcare.”

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Performer Oh Hyeon-hyeon. Catch MBN’s ‘High School Dad 4′ that adults don’t know about’

‘High School Daddy 4’ contestant Oh Hyeon-jae expressed her position directly on the controversy surrounding her private life.

On the 21st, Oh Reale, who appeared in MBN’s ‘Adults Don’t Know High School Dad 4’ (hereafter referred to as ‘High School Dad 4’), made an official statement, saying, “There was a misunderstanding with the informant regarding the debate.”

He said, “Through this incident, I realized that what I said could easily be misunderstood depending on the people I meet and the situation. “My only sincerity as a mother is that I want to raise my three children well,” she said.

He said, “The support money given to the children is used entirely to raise the children. In the future, we will continue to make efforts to get our older child out of day care. “I will do my best to raise my two children well,” he said.

Finally, “I am deeply hurt and sorry for causing the controversy itself. I have reflected a lot on myself through the broadcast, and I want to work hard to become a better mother. “I apologize for causing trouble,” he said.

The production team also said, “Immediately after the controversy, the informant and the production team had an adequate conversation acknowledging that there was a misunderstanding. “It took some time to express our position in order to confirm the correct facts,” he said.

He went on to explain, “The content of the broadcast about the contestant was not produced just to support him, but to objectively understand the situation in terms of the children he was responsible for and suggest solutions through the broadcast.”

Previously, in the broadcast on the 15th, the story and daily life of Oh Hyeon-jae, who gave birth to three children from different biological fathers, was revealed. On the broadcast, she told the story of how she met the father of her children and became pregnant in a drama format.

According to the broadcast, Oh Hyeon-jae became pregnant with her first child while dating her boyfriend, who worked as a delivery worker at the same restaurant. Later he discovered that his lover was a divorced man with a child.

The second child was born to a friend’s ex-boyfriend, and she said they lost contact after he was arrested for theft and sentenced to prison. Three years later, she became pregnant with her third child with her new boyfriend, whom she met at a housewarming party, but she claimed that when her boyfriend found out about her pregnancy, his attitude changed and he left her.

However, after the broadcast, controversy arose as revelations from people who claimed to be his acquaintances spread online. Informant A said, “He’s really rude. Are you human? “What do you think about appearing on television?” Oh Hyeon-jae revealed that she met the father of her first child after realizing he was a married man.

He also said, “He said he had nowhere to go, so I got a room and lived with him, and my girlfriend and I met each other’s eyes. He claimed, “Isn’t she pregnant with her second child while she was talking about wanting to have children and holding it back?”

She added, “When my boyfriend went to jail, I wrote him a letter saying, ‘I have a boyfriend, let’s break up,’ but why did you abandon him and talk about him as if you were diving?”

Mr A said, “Isn’t taking your first child out of daycare also about money? He told us, ‘If it’s your son, you’ll get money, so you should bring him?’ Don’t you even spend all the money that comes to the children? “Why do you lie when broadcasting?” he noted.

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