OH Leuven U-23 Ties with Ghent U-23, Shares Impressive Cross-Support Shot of Suphanat Mueanta

Belgian National Division 1: OH Leuven U-23 and Ghent U-23 Battle to a Draw

September 18, 2023 – In an intense encounter, OH Leuven U-23 and Ghent U-23 took to the field, resulting in a 1-1 draw. Ahmed Abdullahi of Ghent was the first to strike, finding the back of the net in the 33rd minute. However, OH Leuven quickly responded with a well-taken equalizer from Desmond Acquah in the 54th minute. Both teams secured a valuable point from this match.

OH Leuven U-23 Unveils Rising Star: Suphanat Mueanta

OH Leuven U-23 recently showcased Suphanat Mueanta’s exceptional performance through a cross-support shot. The up-and-coming player displayed tremendous potential on the field, leaving fans awe-struck. This marked his debut appearance for the team, setting high expectations for his future contributions.

Sitting comfortably in 8th place on the table, Leuven U-23 has accumulated 8 points from 5 games. Looking ahead, they are scheduled for an away game against Tynen on Sunday, September 24, with the kick-off set for 8:00 pm. This clash presents an opportunity for Leuven U-23 to further solidify their position in the league.

We extend our gratitude to OH Leuven Thailand for sharing this captivating image.

On September 18, 2023, the result of the Belgian National Division 1 competition, when OH Leuven U-23 connected with Ghent U-23 with a score of 1-1, with Ghent scoring a goal from Ahmed Abdullahi in the 33rd minute, while OH Leuven scored equalizer by Desmond Acquah in the 54th minute, 1 point per team.

Recently, OH Leuven shared a cross-support shot of “Suphanat Mueanta” which showed the hottest performance. When showing the field for the first time to the team

For Leuven U-23, they have 8 points from 5 games, in 8th place in the table. The next game will be a visit to Tynen on Sunday, September 24, kick-off at 8:00 pm

Thanks for the picture from: OH Leuven Thailand

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