“Oh my God, the president of the Republic of Korea works in a place like this…”… Even the opposition was surprised

Director Han Byung-do speaks at a meeting of the fact-finding team on suspicions related to the presidential post of the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul on the 10th. 2022.11.10/News1 © News1 Reporter Heo Kyung

On the 25th, it was found that the Democratic Party received the entire amount of 5.1 billion won for the maintenance and management of facilities requested by the Office of the President in the Budget Sub-Committee of the Special Committee on Budget and Accounts of the National Assembly.

According to the minutes of the National Assembly meeting on the 29th, Yoon Jae-soon, general affairs secretary in the office of the presidential secretary, said in a meeting on the 25th, “After moving, there are parts that need to be repaired, from the such as cooling towers and stairs. Costs for repairing boilers, cooling towers, and waterproofing work. “I appealed to keep the original plan.

Regarding this, opposition lawmakers pointed out, ‘The size of the President’s Office in Yongsan is smaller than the size of the Blue House, but the budget has increased’ and ‘Why was it not reflected in the budget when the President’s Office was moved? to Yongsan. ?’

Democratic Party lawmaker Han Byung-do, who served as senior secretary for political affairs in the Blue House in the Moon Jae-in administration, sympathized with the fact that it was not reflected in the budget at the time of the relocation, but stressed that “We can’t make a budget. We have to do it.”

Looking at the photos of the presidential office facilities, a lawmaker said, “Oh my God, the parking lot where the president of the Republic of Korea works is damaged, and here, oops. It was taped up. “There is,” he said.

Woo Won-sik, chairman of the Preliminary Committee, said, “It is also a comment as a person who worked in the president’s office” at the request of a lawmaker.

In a call with News 1 that day, a lawmaker said, “I only admitted it because it seemed opposed to the contrary,” but “(The increase in the management budget) is proof that the relocation of Office the President goes. without preparing and running the affairs of the state. In principle, we will thoroughly review the relocation costs so that not even a cent is wasted in blood tax.”

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