Oh Se-hoon “Jeon Jang-yeon, there’s no reason not to meet”… When will the meeting be held?

Jeon Yeon-yeon, subway protests postponed until the 19th

An activist belonging to Jeon Jeon Yeon-yeon is stopped by the Seoul Transportation Corporation while trying to get off Dongdaemun History and Culture Park on Seoul Line 4, where a subway rider protest is being held on the 3rd . Reporter Kwon Do-hyun

On the 4th, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon publicly accepted the request for a meeting with the National Coalition for the Elimination of Discrimination against People with Disabilities (Jeon Jang-yeon). Jeon Jeon will stop the subway from starting and off the protest until the 19th.

At around 9:50 pm on the same day, Mayor Oh briefly announced through his social network service (SNS), “Jeon Jang-yeon, there is no reason not to meet.”

Jeon Jeon-yeon met with Seoul Transportation Corporation officials at the training center in Jongno-gu, Seoul around 3:00 pm, seven hours earlier, and decided to suspend the protest on getting on and off the subway until the 19th on the condition that meeting with Mayor O. During this period, it was decided not to board the train at Hyehwa Station on Seoul Subway Line 4, but only to promote the issue of mobility rights for the disabled.

Jeon Jeon said that if Mayor Oh refuses to meet with him, he plans to resume the ‘Get the subway on the way to work’ protest from the 20th. However, as Mayor Oh announced that he is willing to accept the interview with Jeon Jeon-yeon, it seems that the situation may change in the future as to whether the residence and landing protests should be resumed.

Jeon Jeon-yeon’s co-CEO Park Gyeong-seok said, “There may be a misunderstanding regarding the court’s mediation plan, so we are trying to resolve it together” as the reason for requesting a meeting with r Mayor Oh.

Last month, the court announced a mandatory mediation plan in the damages lawsuit filed by Seoul Transportation Corporation against Jeon Yeon-yeon and CEO Park. The adjustment plan includes the Seoul Transport Corporation to install elevators in 19 stations by next year, and the Jeon Jeon Yeon to stop train operation demonstrations. Specifically, if subway operation is delayed for more than 5 minutes due to protests on going on and off the subway, Jeon Jeon-yeon will pay 5 million won at a time to the construction company.

Jeon Jeon expressed her position that she would accept the modification plan, saying, “I will take the subway within 5 minutes,” but Mayor Oh expressed her intention to refuse, saying, “It is unacceptable to delay the subway by 5 minutes, which is a big problem even if I’m late by 1 minute.”

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