Oh Se-hoon, the reason why he said “good job” to Kim Eo-jun[어텐션 뉴스]


Let’s take a look at the news that received the most attention online today.

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The first news is an ‘unexpected thank you’.

Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon said, “Good job” to broadcaster Kim Eo-joon.

It seemed like an unexpected thank you, given that there had been controversy, such as when Mr. Kim Eo-jun off on TBS flagship program, News Factory, during his tenure as Mayor Oh.

However, there was a bone in the reason for saying ‘good job’.

Mayor Oh said sarcastically, “At TBS, which is operated with taxpayers’ money, public broadcasting is treated like a toy, and it has spent a lot of effort and effort to use the airwaves to protect a political party specific and a specific cohort. “

Mayor Oh said this at the New Year’s press conference today (30th).

Mayor Oh criticized Kim Eo-jun’s news outlet by directly referring to it as a ‘partisan broadcast’.

The News Factory, which Mr Kim Eo-jun has been running since September 2016, has maintained the highest position in the TBS listening rate, but controversy arose as a political bias in the passport.

After that, the Seoul Metropolitan Council even passed an ordinance to stop budgetary support for TBS, and as a result, Mr. Kim came off the news factory at the end of last year and the program was canceled.

Meanwhile, TBS is currently preparing to appoint a successor to Lee Kang-taek, who suddenly announced his resignation for health reasons in November last year.

Mayor Oh said, “The decision on whether traffic broadcasting will remain just traffic broadcasting or whether it will be reborn as a useful broadcast by devoting more airtime to more socially necessary areas is entirely with the new CEO and executives and employees. ” revealed.


What’s next?

Busan Gwangalli Beach.Busan Gwangalli Beach.

The next news is ‘mother and daughter jump into the winter sea’.

It is news that the police rescued a mother and daughter who were in danger after falling into the wintry sea.

On the 27th, Gwangalli Beach, Suyeong-gu, Busan.

After 7:30 pm, mother and daughter walked into the cold sea water.

Witnesses at the scene said they saw the incident and called the police.

The police officer sent after receiving the report immediately followed the mother and daughter and jumped into the sea, moved about 30m to persuade A’s mother, and then rescued them.

Another policeman jumped into the sea and saved the girl who was nearby.

It is known that this mother and daughter made this extreme choice after losing their husband and father several years ago.

A police officer said, “Fortunately, there was no particular trauma to the mother and daughter.”


Tell me the latest news.

The work and the back of the work were up for auction this time.  There are traces of bird droppings on the back.  Screenshot from the Sotheby's auction websiteThe work and the back of the work were up for auction this time. There are traces of bird droppings on the back. Screenshot from the Sotheby’s auction website

The latest news is ‘Billions of barn paintings?’.

The 17th century painter Antony van Dyck’s (1599-1641) ‘Study for St.

Interestingly, the painting was found in a farm barn.

The late Albert B. Roberts, who was a collector, is said to have found this painting in a farm shed in Kinderhook, New York in 2002 and bought it for just $600 (about 738,000 won).

The painting, which came out into the world, was recognized in the art world for its surprisingly good preservation, and it was also recognized for its high value.

The work is a study of a work called ‘Saint Jeronymus and the Angel’ which was exhibited at the Boymans van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and is believed to have been painted by Van Dyck between 1615 and 1618.

According to Sotheby’s, a portion of the proceeds from the auction will go to the Albert B. Roberts Foundation, which supports artists.