“Ohm” confesses her love for a girl, but her heart misses “Non” in “Just a friend, friend” Ep. 5

It seems that the relationship between Phat (Ohm Phawat) and Ing (Milk Phansa) high school friends It’s about to be formed, and Phat also goes to confess his love for Ing at the Freshy Music Contest. Pran (Non Kornpat) Entered this contest as well, but Ing Dan told Phat that in fact, Phat really didn’t like her. I just wanted to vent that feeling to him more, causing Pat to ponder what Ing said, so he tried to consult. Korn (Drake Sattabutra) to find a way to know yourself So it made me think of Pran and the feeling that I am now, what exactly is it? even growing up together see each other every day But when I know again The feelings we have for each other are not the same. How will both Phat and Pran end up in this event? messy story What will happen to the two of them next?

Watch the series Just friends, friends. Ep.5 on Friday, November 26 at 8:30 p.m. on Channel GMM25 and 10:30 p.m. on WeTV.



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