[OK!제보] Lotte Confectionery sends an envelope of wealth to a disgruntled customer

The customer is a patient receiving hospital treatment due to an accident

Lotte Sweets “It was a mistake and there is no malice at all”

Envelopes sent by Lotte Confectionery to customers who expressed dissatisfaction with products

Lotte Confectionery sent the stickers requested by the customer to Bu’s envelope. Provided by informant A. Resale and DB prohibited.

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Dae-ho = Lotte Confectionery controversial by sending an envelope of wealth to customers who expressed dissatisfaction with the product.

Housewife A, who lives in Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam-do, bought Pepero, a snack from Lotte Confectionery, at a nearby convenience store on the 11th. Wanting a box with a cartoon movie jjanggu character drawn on it and a sticker inside the product, he bought the Pepero box. However, the box contained packaging and other Pepero products, and there were no stickers.

After that, he spent the weekend and contacted the person in charge of Lotte Confectionery through a convenience store, and he replied that he would send a sticker. However, on the 17th, when she opened the box sent from Lotte Confectionery, she burst into tears in surprise. This is because he sent the stickers of the character he wanted in an envelope of wealth.

Mr. said A, “I was scared as soon as I saw the envelope, and my hands were shaking with goosebumps. I tend to believe in folk beliefs, so I even felt depressed afterwards.”

He said the envelope of wealth looked more ominous because he had undergone surgery and was being treated in hospital after suffering a serious leg injury in a recent accident.

Her husband protested to Lotte Confectionery, saying, “Sending an envelope knowing you injured your leg does not mean you should die. Common sense makes sense.”

Product boxes distributed by Lotte Confectionery to promote Pepero Day
Product boxes distributed by Lotte Confectionery to promote Pepero Day

Internet capture. Resale and DB prohibited.

Regarding this, a person in charge of Lotte Confectionery said, “There was no malice at all and it was a mistake. I apologize to the customer. It happened because I couldn’t properly check that I was using an empty envelope. I was trying to fulfill the customer’s request because there was an extra sticker.” I want to apologize for hurting your feelings by meeting you in person.”

He also explained that the reason why the contents are different from the Pepero packaging box is because the products with stickers were sold out early, so the convenience store put other Pepero products on its own and sold them .

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