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rhythm stripes good mood

The striped pattern has a unique tension in fashion expression, which can not only become an eye-catching presence on the T stage, but also a fashionable weapon for casual outings. The abstract striped pattern without actual expressive meaning is better to wear than the figurative printing.

Multiple images of suits

Striped suits are in the spotlight this season,

Max Mara 2022 spring and summer show yellow and blue striped suit

Provides a set of high-quality solutions for women in summer,

Whether it is a complete set to wear in the workplace,

Or go out with a T-shirt casually,

Or pair a shirt with a bikini for a beach vacation.

All are good investments.


Leisure time in jumpsuits

How can the leisurely early summer time be without striped jumpsuits?

Casual laziness and casualness

It’s a loose-fitting jumpsuit in the sun

exclusive moments for girls,

With a popular mini size

Bags and low-heeled sandals,

Let neutrality and softness blend,

It’s a classic French style.


black and white visual tension

There is no shortage of designers’ wonderful interpretation of stripes on the T stage.

Strong black and white color scheme

Let the striped pattern appear in a modern look,

The concise and direct visual language releases modern vitality,

Whether it is worn directly or layered,

For fashion lovers

A timeless classic.


The youthful power of the striped vest

vest at the center of the millennium storm,

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Become more youthful under the blessing of color jumping stripes,

Not only is it cool and neat,

It is also a must-have item.

Denim skirts, trousers and even exaggerated tutu skirts,

can be mixed and matched with

Self-styled hipster.


Comfort and sophistication

This season, the staple shorts in your wardrobe

Revealing many different fashion charms in the past,

The wide stripes visually modify the leg lines,

The wide-leg design is also more comfortable and breathable.

Wear sunglasses and high-heeled sandals,

Combine sophistication and comfort,

It is the new fashionable image of the moment.


put it on for vacation

Start with a shawl-style striped coat with an ethnic style,

Take it on vacation!

In the coming summer,

Not only is it a stylish companion to pair with swimwear at the beach,

It can also be turned into a carpet to sit on the floor,

Do more than one thing!


Lively age-reducing sports style

In recent years, sports winds have become popular.

Striped items added to sports elements

also become hot,

skinny sporty striped dress

Or a striped blouse with an exposed belly is worth a try.

Dressed alone is a vibrant hot girl,

Add a coat and instantly transform into an academic “good girl”.



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