Ok Joo-hyun “Do not feed the street cats? Do you want mice to gain or lose?”

Ok Joohyun Instagram © News1

Girl group Finkle member and musical actor Ok Joo-hyun revealed his thoughts on feeding a street cat.

On the 1st, Ok Joo-hyun posted a post on his Instagram story stating, “Do not feed, wild animals transfer germs.”

He continued, “I hate cats and want mice,” he pointed out, “Do you really want to gain or lose mice?

With regard to the feeding of street cats, conflicts in the neighborhood are being raised in various places, and Joo-Hyun Ok posted such an article and is drawing attention. While there is a perception that we have to live with animals, there is also a view that hates it due to hygiene issues such as untreated food waste or cat feces. As a result, Joo-Hyun Ok made her own voice, and once again, social attention is being focused.

Meanwhile, Ok Joo-hyun is performing the musical’Wicked’.

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