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The "Virginia Serenaders," showed a minstrel. Public Domain through Wikimedia Commons.

Jurassic political scandal shows the history of trouble and racism,
gender and sexual violence – questions that some of us offer in the daily way.

Journalist and professor Melissa Harris-Perry tweeted On Friday night "observers are at the expense of the" racist v rapist "disease facing [Virginia], "A Reference to serious trifecta of scabbard embroiling Gov. Ralph Northam, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax and Attorney General Mark Herring.

The transgressions of Northam and Herring, both white, are racist in nature. Everyone admitted to roots like adult males not more than thirty years ago.

In addition, Northam Monday gave reference to the first televised Africa to the Western Avenue 400 years ago as "enthusiastic servants" in the CBS disappointment interview.

Currently, Fairfax, the only black man elected to a state office, rejected sexual assault allegations that the two women opposed.

We are now coming at a crossroads, a point where we will decide whether we will weigh racist behavior as strong as violence to sexual violence while deciding on how we hold our leaders – and ourselves – responsible. For virgins like me – those of us who are black, women and swift at both racism and rape – this is a place where it is uncomfortable to be uncomfortable.

"Welcome," Harris-Perry, a stubborn black woman, tweeted, "ended up the transaction in which black women survive."

There's no surprise

The entries made by Northam and Herring that led to the slow input of Virginia's political leadership have made an indigenous surface in the 1980s to reflect the American artists of American music.

If, in some respect, it is still confused about the shape and the reason why it is corrupted, the American Museum of History and Culture in Washington, D.C., Explains It was an essential feature of the blackstorm minstrel shows, a American stage entertainment tradition dating to the 1830s.

"White performers with dubbed faces … and tattered clothes … imitated and mimicked a contaminated Africa on Southern plantations."

Blackface displays "which are prominent features such as lazy, ignorant, superstious, hypersexual, and prone to a false and sad," says the museum.

The blackness is acceptable, the image of black people is dissolved and adversely affects our identity. There is nothing that is chargeable or little about the black racism of racism.

I am not limited to Northam and Herring, elected officials that I voted, and participation in the tradition of surface trees. I'm no longer surprised when white people spend in Virginia Blackface. Create black people, after all, and as the main social class throughout the history of America, they shaped it in one of the country's most famous hobbies.

American president praising black-haired.

Domestic, discriminatory, national, violent system, 80 years old, waNamed for early surface caricature, Jim Crow.

Public domain through Wikimedia Commons.

Warner Bros., now a multi-million dollar company and one of "Hollywood's most lucrative studios," created kids cartoons A lot of bumbling surface characters are always falling for Bugs Bunny tricks.

Blackface is a tradition of almost twelve years that follows today, not only through minstrel exhibitions, but through Halloween dresses. One third of Americans are of the opinion that this is acceptable, according to the Pew Research Center.

Northam continued with the ugly tradition with a toy of Michael Jackson's pop icon to win a dance competition (Northam's clothing – a lot of glass and a "little shoe shine" that hit his rage – put the competition up to him, or did he make the moon?).

Likewise with the Attorney General Mark Herring, to accept his admission "Wig and brown makeup" For college parties to imitate Kurtis Blow, hip hop leader. Political political leaders attend these white men in particular to make their lack of self-confidence, insight and cultural competence become more frightening.

A mess of his own

Northam lost my trust and respect; not only because he made a mistake 35 years ago using blackface. Many people are historically and i contemporary Virginia has a lasting degree, and everyone has made mistakes.

My main problem is how Northam responded to this prison.

During a press conference by the Governor's General Governor earlier this month, Ralph Northam refused to appear in the KKK annual program but admitted to the moon moon in the surface. (Ned Oliver / Virginia Mercury)

Herring was handled on her blackhead toy opposite the Northam complex approach. Herring did not take responsibility for her actions, but she liked to remove her wishes from the equation rather than envelopes to keep her position.

"In the days ahead, honest conversations and conversations will be clear if I can continue to serve as a general solicitor," Write a Herring in a statement by sorry for her behavior.

A man who wants to continue to act in the interests of the people it serves is like. Sounds ready for listening and learning.

Two men are wearing "winning costumes" on an annual page of Northam, one toy and one in KKK dress.

The page from the Ghov medical school booklet. Ralph Northam who has called out calls for his resignation.

Originally, Northam released an apology for being featured in the photo – an excuse that was very happy as the latest apology on CBS. But then, it restored.

It's not a photograph on his bookbook page and he has no piece of how he got there, he says.

Even if I thought that he is willing to keep pulling her back through the mud, I can not, that the regulator refuses to resign.

Stop talking, start listening

Northam hosted calls from all over the country to step down, instead of branding Monday as a "healer", in a best way to guide the state to become a fairer place for all of us. To create this, Northam said, among other things, that he started reading "Roots."

Despite too many historical resources available to us in all public libraries in Virginia, despite the fact that many of our universities have a call or email to our many universities, despite even Google, our "Roots" governor stated as a new help Understand the slavery, racism and how they connect directly to blackface.

That is not feasible for me. I can not do that seriously. I am an inheritor of the heritage of slavery and racism. Northam's deeper study is worth the daily distinction of my students.

Those Angola 20 dirty chain Here is a pirate ship in England in 1619, more than its mischaracterizations are attracting. If Northam reduces slavery, how can I not expect the slaughter's heritage to be minimized, which will present at this moment in the state that is the result and the world of the Virgin Mary?

I would like our regulator to stop talking, starting to hear, and, in the words of comedian Martin Lawrence, progress.

There are approximately four blocks back from the Executive Mansion in the Library of India, where Northam lives, in small ways down to East Broad Street. He should walk to the library and lose himself for an hour or two among the people chain in Virginia from the beginning to the Civil War.

Even if it does not hit the stacks, Northam must try to make it much more serious than showing the proper and credible historical context of studying the racial world history of the Islands.

And I still believe that he should resign.

The Northam acts that relate to at least two issues that have direct implications for Black Orders and our trust history in our government's ability.

I am one of hundreds of people who ask the regulator to explain their peace and education about Dominion Energy's plans, County Buckingham compressor station, to build in the African-American Union Hill historic community as part of its Coast Pipeline Atlantic. When Northam took action on Union Hill, he did it suddenly through two members of the State Air Pollution Control Board due to the board that was required to permit the project, currently consider one of the issues best environmental justice in Virginia.

The actions of the regulator spoke very clearly and clear to me: "I do not worry about historical black communities."

On the campaign trail, Northam called for the use of Confederate monuments from public spaces in Virginia.

"I believe these statues should be built and move into museums. As a governor, I will be tackling that approach and I will be working with places on this issue," said Northam in August 2017 after after the supremacastic white racing Unite the Right in Charlottesville.

That position was one reason that he got my vote, because I feel completely of these monuments – the appearance of men to fight for the army of the Serious Army in the war should be due to slavery – – public places are never quoted.

But after his oath, Northam went to the monuments, and responded positively when he asked after his black drug scandal began.

"If there are statues, if there are monuments that stimulate this type of hatred and great recession," he told the Washington Post, "they must be in museums."

"If it is the case?" How did Northam decide to say that even this is a statement that may have very racist Confederation monuments which he said should be transferred to museums less than two years since then.

It is independent, or does not realize the gravity of the monuments.

Or both.

It shows either the case or its inability to guide black virgins or to examine the racist history.

Fairfax should also resign

While Northam and Herring have transgressions acceptable, they are moral; The allegations against Fairfax are criminal.

This dynamic bitter ceremony has not lost me. In the end, both men can keep their authority well, and the individual black man will lose it.

Recent people in this country and in this state have already been lost. But Fairfax should lose his position, Vanessa Tyson, who requires Fairfax, has to do her oral sex, and Meredith Watson, alleged that Fairfax was in college, said that they had made them proven . I'm a black-haired daughter, my husband is a black man, and I'm building two small barber boys who will be a black day in one day.

I love black men, but I am not happy to defend or to protect the awful things. Fairfax is simply appealed as it is a black man. I am not happy to apologize or defend anyone.

Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax talks with Capitol's reporters last week after making allegations of sex attacks against him. (Ned Oliver / Virginia Mercury)

One in six women of America "rape has tried or finished in life," reported by RAINN (National Rape, Abuse & Water Network).

Chain women had no agency over their bodies, and rape were often victims of; Today, 21.2 percent of the American American women will raped their lives, 2017 report at the Women's Policy Research Institute.

Fairfax has an appropriate process, like any American. And I hope he is innocent, as he continues to say he is.

In my heart, however, I believe these women. It would be our best interests, especially Tyson and Watson, if Fairfax would resign and participate in a thorough investigation.

The ghosts of the old Hebrew

In all this turmoil, I would like to achieve the same level of intolerance we act against sexual violence with racism and racist activity – especially when it was enacted by elected officers. Racism is a form of violence, as our history and how our people created.

From 1940 to 1997, the official official song of Virginia was BCarry Me Back to Old
Virginia, "a syrupy ballad written in 1878 at the cutting edge of New York, pioneering
Black composer named James A. Bland. A white girl shows a star and soft
George Primrose's shoe dancer gave the Bland song to the world.

Primrose made Bland ode to the complexity in a surface, incorporating a
which had previously been "old-scale" slacking for the past. The composition, which is
It's so terrible songs, no matter how cute, Virginia state song

"It's when I talked so hard to an old massa,
Day after day in the field of yellow corn,
There's no place in the world I love more sincerely
Not old Virginia, the state where I was born. "

"Old Virginia" ghosts have come to call; how to answer Virginia new?

The opinions of the guest columns themselves and do not necessarily reflect those of Virginia Mercury.

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