Olympic corruption Former representative of stuffed toy company found guilty by grace Tokyo District Court | NHK


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In a corruption scandal related to the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, two former representatives of a stuffed toy company were accused of bribing a former director of the organizing committee in exchange for the convenience of selling goods related to the mascots of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. , the Tokyo District Court handed down convictions with suspended sentences.

Defendant Yoshihiro Sekiguchi (75), a former representative of “Sun Arrow” in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, who produced and sold the stuffed animals used as Games mascots, and defendant Futatsu Sekiguchi (50), the son of the former president The company said they wanted to facilitate the sale of stuffed animals. He was charged with bribery for giving a bribe of around 2.2 million yen to the defendant Haruyuki Takahashi (79), former director of the organizing committee, in return for it is.

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In the ruling on the 6th, presiding judge Yasuaki Takahashi of the Tokyo District Court said, “We asked the former director to accept arrangements that are advantageous to our company, such as having the license agreement terminated smoothly, and his sold for the purpose of rewards, 1.5% of the total was given to former directors as bribes.”

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Afterwards, the two were sentenced to 1 year in prison and 3 years probation, stating that “both have acknowledged the facts and are reflecting on them”.

This is the third time a verdict has been handed down in a corruption case involving the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

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