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Olympics 2020: Doctor Paisan reveals Japan has reported 8 new cases of coronavirus at the Olympics

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Dr. Paisan, the Thai national team doctor, revealed that Japan hosts the Olympic Games. Eight cases of COVID-19 reported in Tokyo Olympics

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Movements before the 2020 Olympic Games “Tokyo Games” in Tokyo Japan Between 23 July-8 August by athletes from various nations Tayoi has already traveled to participate in the competition.

Recently, Air Chief Marshal (Special) Dr. Paisan Chanthitapitak, who was in charge of Thai national team doctor “CLO” (COVID-19 Liaison Officer) coordinates with the host on preventive measures against COVID-19. for the Thai athlete team Tokyo 2020 battle uniform revealed that on the evening of July 17, past The host has summoned the medical departments of all nations to a meeting in the Olympic Village. by reporting on the situation of COVID-19 that occurred before the competition It confirmed that eight people involved in the 2020 Olympic Games have tested positive for COVID-19, one in the athlete’s village and seven others outside. One infected person in the village was isolated and quarantined in a facility that had been prepared for it.

Dr Paisan also said that the host will continue to focus on preventive measures for Covid-19, with daily saliva testing for the coronavirus, athletes, staff and all involved. which will not be an exception Even being a high-ranking official of the competition or a special Super VIP of the host or the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which must be checked by everyone involved without exception. In this regard, he has left “Khun Tom” Thana Chaiprasit, the head of the sports team to help remind and emphasize to all Thai athletes again. They want to be careful and follow preventive measures. including wearing a mask all the time, washing hands regularly and keeping a distance

For measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 Japan at the 2020 Olympics has three levels. The first level is a daily saliva test for COVID-19, known as the Antigen Test, in which anyone who has a “positive” test will be tested with saliva. The infection was carried out by means of PCR and if repeated examination revealed that the result was still “positive” again, the person who was in the scope of that case would be taken. Come to test the infection with the nasal prong method. also known as Nasopharyngeal Swab by probing the nose for secretions If this process finds that the result is still “positive”, a special committee (Expert Group) has been set up to take care of the matter. It determines the severity of the infection. including joint diagnosis with the sports federation of that kind whether such athletes will still be eligible to compete or not

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