Oman Reopen borders: Oman ready to open borders; How about the new restrictions? All you need to know – oman to reopen borders with strict coronavirus guidelines

Oman is set to reopen its closed borders in the wake of the spread of the genetically modified Kovid virus. Countries, including Oman, have closed their borders following the confirmation of the new Kovid virus in European countries. The Supreme Committee of Oman has decided to open its borders from Tuesday, December 29th. But Oman opens its borders with strict restrictions. Know the details.

Kovid cases in Oman

Kovid confirmed 182 cases in the last 72 hours in Oman. Four more deaths have been reported. With this, the number of Kovid confirmed people in the country has risen to 1,28,472 so far. So far, 1495 people have died of Kovid in Oman. Of the infected, 1,20,976 have already recovered. In the last 72 hours, 535 people have been cured. At present, the covid disease rate in the country is 94.2%. Currently, 87 people are hospitalized with Kovid. Of these, 35 are in the intensive care unit.

More than 300 flights were canceled


The borders in Oman were closed a week ago after genetic mutations in the corona virus were reported in European countries, including Britain. As a result, many people were stranded and expatriates, including Malayalees, were in trouble. More than 300 flights have been canceled in Oman, according to reports.

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The decision to open the borders

The Oman Supreme Committee has decided to reopen the border, which has been closed for a week, from Tuesday. All land, sea and air borders will be open from tomorrow. In the wake of the decision, international flights will resume from Tuesday morning. At the same time, the Supreme Committee has suggested that people should travel only in emergencies.

Unnecessary travel should be avoided

The apex committee also demanded that locals and foreigners avoid traveling abroad unless absolutely necessary and take health and safety precautions. The committee also clarified that the quarantine period of government and private sector employees cannot be considered as treatment period. The conditions were tightened in the new situation.

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PCR test mandatory for those arriving in the country

Passengers arriving in Oman are required to present the results of the Kovid PCR test within 72 hours of entering the country. Passengers will no longer have to show this certificate upon arrival at Muscat Airport. The Supreme Committee has stated that only those who have a negative PCR test result from a recognized institution can travel to Oman.

Quarantine compulsion

A week-long quarantine has been made mandatory for those arriving in Oman until further notice. Quarantine can be avoided only after a PCR test on the eighth day a week later. Earlier, the quarantine requirement was waived for visits of less than seven days. Oman has reportedly withdrawn the move.

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