Omar Lulu director: Omar ready for legal action; ‘He is not responsible for any of this’; Frankly, the director! – director omar lulu opens up against fake casting call

Omar Lulu is a notable director in the world of Malayalam cinema with a handful of films. The director has made a name for himself in films like ‘Happy Wedding’, ‘Chunks’, ‘An Adar Love’ and ‘Dhamaka’. After a long hiatus, the director is currently in the process of making a film titled ‘Power Star’ starring Babu Antony. The director, who has a lot of followers on social media, shares all his film experiences and reactions on social issues.

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Now he has come to the scene by exposing the person who is making a fake casting call in his name. The director reveals that someone is making a fake casting call through his WhatsApp account using Omar Lulu’s picture as a display picture.

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The director has revealed this through his Facebook post. Omar’s Facebook post is about sharing a screen shot of WhatsApp chat. The director also points out that this person has also sent messages to the numbers of Soumya Menon and Arundhati Nair.

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Here is the full text of Omar Lulu’s Facebook post. ‘Fake casting call, I’ve noticed someone putting a photo on my photo display, creating a WhatsApp account from a US number, and texting girls with offers for movies.’

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‘This person has also sent messages to the numbers of Soumya Menon and Arundhati Nair. I am taking legal action by pointing out this issue. Neither I nor Omar Lulu Entertainment are responsible for such messages or casting calls. ‘ Many followers have come to the scene with applause for the director who exposed the lie and warned.



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