“Omi Keron” panic in the international market! Why are you not afraid of A shares?Exclusive interpretation_ Oriental Fortune Network

The new crown virus “Omi Keron” is coming, and affected by this, the international market plummeted last Friday. today,The Shanghai Composite IndexOpened lower by 35 points, but since then the stock index fluctuated upwards. As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 1.39 points.Growth Enterprise Market IndexIncreased 34.54 points. The pharmaceutical sector that has received much attention is driving up and down,Kexing PharmaceuticalSoared 10.25%, Kangxinuo rose 5.29%. The virus “Omi Keron” is here, what impact it will have on A shares, and how investors should operate, look at the analysis of “Famous Family Watching the Market”.

Liu Yuteng: The domestic “containment and clearing” means effective detection will not miss the target or missed detection

  Northeast SecuritiesChief Medical BiologyAnalystLiu Yuteng:At present, there are 32 spike protein mutations in “Omi Keron”, which overlap with the spike protein mutations of Alpha and Delta in many places. It carries about 50 combinations of mutations that have never been seen before. Therefore, the replication ability of this mutant strain may be enhanced, which may affect antibody recognition and vaccine immunity. Of course, these are all speculations based on the characteristics of the virus, and the specifics still need to be observed. The international market fell sharply last Friday, mainly reflecting the panic about the virus.

From the perspective of the domestic market, the “containment and zero” policy is still an effective means. Under the normalized epidemic prevention and control, it is the same for any virus, and there is no need to worry too much. Today’s A shares opened low and moved high, which also reflected a relatively optimistic mood. In terms of vaccines, “Omi Keron” has immune escape, but booster injections can effectively increase antibody titers. In terms of detection, it is almost unaffected. Many companies have stated that the current kit can effectively detect the “Omi Keron” virus, and there will be no off-target and missed detection. So from the investment point of view, the most important thing is that everyone should not panic. The emergence of “Omi Keron” will not have a great impact on existing vaccines and drugs. It is recommended to pay attention to the new crown vaccine, new crown drug development and virus testing. enterprise.

Shao Yu: Anti-epidemic policy isolates the impact of external viruses, China’s exports are still strong

  Orient SecuritiesChief Economist Shao Yu:The first round of shock is due to the expected adjustments and the adjustment of economic fundamentals, which have been reflected in the current violent market fluctuations. If you think about it, the easing policy may continue for a period of time, and the market may be slightly repaired. .

Looking at China again, the performance of China’s capital market is relatively stable, which can be said to be calm. Our internal circulation makes the entire economy have a “bulletproof” attribute, and external shocks have not particularly affected our real economy and capital markets. I think on the one hand, it comes from our current anti-epidemic policy. This policy isolates a series of shocks from the external virus on our real economy. At the same time, if the external world is affected by the virus, the demand for China will be particularly important. It is China’s export, and the demand is very strong. So from a certain point of view, the performance of the corresponding departments in the previous period may continue. Everyone’s demand for Chinese manufacturing and Chinese supply chain is rising. As long as our internal policies remain stable, such as real estate policies and residents’ income policies, etc., remain stable. In fact, China has always been a safe haven for investment in the global economy and capital markets.

The guests believed that the domestic epidemic prevention and control is effective. Even the “Omi Keron” can be effectively prevented as long as it can be detected. Therefore, the virus “Omi Keron” has a limited impact on the domestic economy and has a limited impact on the A-share market. There will be no big impact, and investors don’t need to panic. (The above is the guest’s opinion. The stock market is risky, investment needs to be cautious!)

(Source: CCTV Finance)



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