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An enlightened Malayalee who reads the news will never ask what is the matter with Omicon in Athens, the ancient city of Greece in our little Kerala. The fifteenth letter of the Greek alphabet is also known as Omikron. That name is the subject of much debate around the world. But only in the name of Greek connection. Rather, it is about worrying about whether the world will shut down again and stay home.

Omicron is the latest variant of the coronavirus. Coming from South Africa. The ‘role’ played by this new variant in raising the daily Kovid cases from 200 to 2000 is not small. Concerns are mounting around the world as Kovid cases rise in South Africa. The disease has been reported in many countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. Air traffic controls have been tightened in many places. An emergency meeting is being convened between India and Kerala to welcome the arrival of the new variant.

Nedumbassery Airport during the Kovid period. File image

We have already recognized the message that vigilance, not fear, is the best way to deal with Kovid. Researchers who have identified the new variant say the same thing. “There is no need to be afraid, just be careful,” she said. India has also taken precautions as part of the vigilance. The Kerala government has suggested that foreigners should stay in the quarantine for 7 days. If the cowid is positive, the center will send a sample for genetic sequencing. The central government is set to reconsider its decision to resume international flights from December 15. There is only one reason for everything – Omicron.

There are many questions about the Omicron variant. Will Omikron wreak havoc on India as it did in the second wave of Kovid? Are we safe? How fast does this variant spread? Dr. NM Arun, an expert in internal medicine, answers all these questions.

The people are afraid. Their concern is whether the corona variant will create a worse situation again. Can you simply explain what Omicron is? Are India and Kerala afraid of the new corona variant?

There is nothing to be afraid of now ..! Reports indicate that this variant is more transmissible. Prior to this, the Delta variety, which had caused concern in India, was found to be spreading from one person to five to nine people. But early reports suggest that the now-discovered Omricone variant could spread to even more people.

Omricone is found in 80% of cases reported in a province of South Africa in 14/15 days. In other words, the number of cases increased very quickly. This is because this variant has some advantage over the Delta. The conclusion is that Omicron is a highly contagious virus.

Second, the genetic variant structure of this variant increases the risk of re-infection. This is called vaccine escape. That is, it indicates the ability of the virus to survive the vaccine. All this is not based on a detailed study, but on conclusions. No scientific studies have been conducted. We do not have that much data … that’s why studies do not happen.

Are any research institutes currently studying Omicron in detail?

Not so many numbers. Such studies would not occur if they came from a place like normal Europe. This does not mean that studies are not taking place in South Africa. Studies are going on there in a not-so-bad way. But it may take time to complete the study and publish the results. It is only after 2/3 weeks that it is possible to get more clarity about it.

The good news, however, is that there have been no reports of an increase in the incidence of the disease. There were no immediate reports of injuries. So there is nothing to be afraid of that way. But Omricone is a variant that has the potential to reach more people, those who have been vaccinated, and more people who have come from abroad. So be a little careful.

Dr. NM Arun. Image: Facebook / NM Arun.

Should we be afraid if Omicron reports in India? Will restrictions like lockdown come back?

Omricon may have already arrived in India anyway. Isn’t that the variant that is so transmissible? Isn’t that spreading to too many names? First arrived in Botswana in November and later reported in South Africa. Thus, the world began to hear about this variant in 2/3 weeks. It is also being discovered in new countries every day.

This variant has already been found in three or four countries in Europe. Belgium, the UK … and so many other countries. In addition, Hong Kong in Asia. Thus the list of countries is increasing day by day. Omikron is likely to have arrived in some of the most important countries. It is in November that we begin to classify this variant by hierarchy. This variant had already appeared in many countries. Hierarchical classification takes time. Look no further. That is the most important thing. ⁇

omricon variant
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Screen outsiders and, if possible, subject them to an RTPCR test to genetically classify the virus in positive people. If we do so, we can quickly detect the infection. Such inspections should be carried out at airports. Sequencing of positive cases within the country should also be done. That’s one thing we need to pay attention to. Such genetic ranking tests are extremely rare in the country. Kerala is the best in this. This is because Kerala is performing better than other states in such matters.

How should this variant news look?

It is difficult for the country to just shut down and move on. Isn’t this a radical deviation? So does it make sense to close the country and harass the people? First of all, there is a strong argument here that this variant can be something like a common cold (cold) or a very mild (mild) fever.

Kovid Screening Center at Chennai Railway Station. Image: AFP

When a virus comes second in a country, the second outbreak is usually not as severe as the first. No one generally says that variant is as intense as the first. What’s the point of being an extreme variant or being so scared of it? If so, how long can we go on? So with a little care, we can move forward without giving up vigilance and without excessive fear or pressure .. Let’s clearly observe what the next situation is. Let’s move on to the corresponding steps.

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