Omicron confirmed in Beijing… Winter Olympics quarantine ‘red light’


A confirmed case of Omicron mutation was also confirmed in Beijing, the capital of China.

With less than 20 days left until the opening day of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the red light for quarantine has turned on.

This is Beijing Correspondent Lim Kwang-bin.


Although it implemented an iron wall quarantine policy, in the end, the city of Beijing could not stop the inflow of Omicron.

A confirmed case of Omicron was confirmed in Haidian District, northwest of downtown Beijing.

<린항 / 중국 베이징 하이뎬구 부구청장> “Haidan District immediately dispatched personnel to control the epidemic. From 10 am on the 15th, the residence and work areas of the confirmed patients have been sealed and managed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is cooperating with relevant departments for epidemiological investigations. “

The confirmed person said that he had not left Beijing in the last 14 days, but quarantine authorities have not yet figured out the route of infection.

Immediately, the area around the residence of the confirmed person was blocked, and nucleic acid testing for 2,500 nearby residents began.

Authorities are concerned that there are less than 20 days left until the start of the Beijing Winter Olympics, which will begin on the 4th of next month.

Amid concerns that the Omicron mutation may spread further, the quarantine procedures in downtown Beijing have become more complicated.

<허칭화 / 중국 국가보건위원회 전염병예방통제국 검사관> “We plan to continuously strengthen monitoring to prevent the spread of infection. We will continue to vaccinate.”

As the capital city of Beijing was drilled into Omicron, the number of confirmed Omicron inflows in China increased to 10 regions.

The Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee emphasized that it will maintain its current quarantine policy unless large-scale infections occur in closed loops such as stadiums and athletes’ villages that have been blocked from outside, but concerns about quarantine are growing as Omicron spreads.

This is Lim Kwang-bin from Yonhap News TV in Beijing.

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