Omicron in Thailand has spread more. Recently, the infection has been spread in almost 30 provinces.

– Dec 27, both of them began to have muscle pain and throat irritation.ATK check On their own, both results turned out to be positive. therefore informing the duty of public health near home receive treatment at Somdet Phayuparat Phanom Hospital Collect samples for infection.

From the assessment, it is expected that‘Omicron’ strain of covid by investigating the patient and searching for close contacts Surveillance and follow up with close contacts of patients and quarantine those at risk

Also, previously unofficial information of Department of Medical Sciences found to be stuckOmicron Added. Spread to 20 provinces by Chiang Mai and Buriram. Waiting to confirm the results of the repeated examination from the Department of Science. Most of them are infected from foreign countries. that comes from the Test and Go system and the sandbox

by the largest cluster at Kalasin Province Which now has 66 more people infected, a total of 151 people infected, and 85 more are in the process of confirming, while Dr. Supakit Sirilak Director-General of the Department of Medical Sciences said that from surveillance, the group foundOmicron addicts in the country in Lamphun, Kalasin, Khon Kaen, Maha Sarakham and Udon Thani provinces

According to the data, all five provinces are in the same cluster, with a total of 135 cases and 97 samples are being verified. They were also found in Surin, Phuket, Krabi, Pattani and Bangkok, all of which have a history of being linked to foreign travel groups. which the medical information is quite clear that Omicron It spreads quickly but is not severe.

– Omicron Covid has spread in 18 provinces in Thailand.
– 8 new symptoms Omicron Hurry up to observe if you go to risk areas.

Can't stop?  Omicron in Thailand has spread more.  Recently, almost 30 provinces have been infected unofficially.

However, it has just recently been reported that Korat has found 2 cases of Omikron infected so far, according to unofficial data. The total number of Omicron infections in Thailand has totaled 26 provinces.
1. Pathum Thani
2. Nonthaburi
3. Ayutthaya
4. Bangkok
5. Nakhon Ratchasima
6. Khon Kaen
7. Phuket
8. Kalasin
9. Udon Thani
10. Nong Bua Lamphu

11. Prachuap Khiri Khan
12. Songkhla
13. Loei
14. Surin
15 Krabi
16. Pattani
17. Mahasarakham
18. Lamphun
19. Ubon Ratchathani
20. Lampang
21. Nong Khai
22. Phichit
23. Chiang Mai (awaiting confirmation)
24. Buriram (awaiting confirmation)
25. Chaiyaphum (awaiting confirmation)
26. Nakhon Phanom (awaiting confirmation)

Can't stop?  Omicron in Thailand has spread more.  Recently, almost 30 provinces have been infected unofficially.



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