Omicron is found in 5 US states!WHO: Don’t panic about Omicron | Anue Ju Heng-US Stocks

On Friday (3rd), the World Health Organization (WHO) urged people not to panic about the emergence of the Omicron variant virus and said that it is too early to say whether it is necessary to redesign the vaccine.

After South Africa and Botswana reported cases of Omicron variant virus infection, Omicron has been found in Asia, Africa, America, the Middle East and Europe, and 5 states in the United States have fallen.

US President Biden said: “We will use science and speed to fight against this variant, not panic.”

The World Health Organization said on Friday that the new variant Omicron has been detected in 38 countries/regions, compared with 23 two days ago. Early data indicates that the new variant Omicron is more contagious than Delta.

The World Health Organization (WHO) urges the public to be prepared and cautious, rather than panic.

Omicron found in 5 US states! WHO: Don’t panic about Omicron (Photo: AFP)

World Health Organization chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan said on Friday: “How worried should we be? We need to be prepared and cautious, not panic, because our situation is different from a year ago.”

Waminathan said: “Delta diagnoses account for 99% of global infections. The Omicron variant must be more transmissible in order to dominate the world. This is possible but unpredictable. We need to wait and hope it will be milder. Some… But it’s too early to draw conclusions about the entire variant.”

Vaminatan mentioned: “Despite mutations, current vaccines should continue to provide protection against serious diseases. Currently, we have effective and highly effective vaccines. We need to focus on making them more equitable, and we need to focus on maximizing the risk. People get vaccinated.”

Several countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States, have proposed a third dose plan, but this is as controversial as the travel ban. Many scientists say that the way to stop the spread of the virus is to ensure that poorer countries have access to vaccines, not to more expensive countries. People in rich countries provide comprehensive and intensive vaccinations.


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