Omicron is not afraid in the Gulf; The number of daily Kovid victims is also declining

Dubai: The UAE says there are currently no reports of a new variant of Kovid, Omikron, anywhere in the Gulf. Ministry of Health officials. However, the Ministry of Health and Immunization has warned people to proceed with caution.

In Oman, the news spread through social media that the Omikron variant had been reported. However, the Omani Ministry of Health responded that the propaganda was untrue and that all Kovid preventive measures in the country were strong.

Strict Kovid security standards continue throughout the Gulf. Travelers from countries where Omicron was discovered are being held in the UAE. It has been banned by various Gulf countries, including Flights there have been suspended.

Across the Gulf, there has been a sharp drop in the number of daily cov- erals over the past month. Kovid mortality also declined. In Oman, only 35 people were diagnosed with the disease in five days. 54 people were cured. No new deaths. Only four are currently being treated in hospitals. Kovid confirmed 65 people in the UAE on Tuesday. 77 people were cured.



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