Omicron is not outrageous. Epic long covid

Subdivided into 187,000 (9%) infected less than 3 months ago…1.9 million (87%) infected at least 3 months…1.2 million (55%) infected infected.

and 594,000 people (27%) who have been infected for at least 2 years.

Interestingly, of the 2.2 million people affected by LongCOVID-19, over a third, or 764,000 (35%), were infected during the strain. “omicron” a scourge

1.6 million people (75%) said so “Try COVID” It affects everyday life and up to 370,000 people are found to severely limit their ability to carry out daily tasks.

The most common symptoms are fatigue…tired which was reported by as high as 70%, followed by lack of concentration, panting, fatigue and muscle pain All symptoms are found in about half of all COVID-19 patients.

Emphasizes that the problem of “Long Covid” can be found in all sexes and ages. From children to the elderly It is most common in the 35-69 age range and there are more females than males.

Looking at the situation in Thailand, we are. In the last two years, a large number of people have been infected. Both numbers in the system and out of the system Although academic data around the world clearly confirms that “Try COVID as a real thing” is not scandalous, not a little, just a moment and then’ n disappear as we see fake news spread through various social media.

Let’s live a conscious life. Don’t be careless…try to protect yourself from getting infected. or not to be re-infected with all infections Not just waiting to see if he is seriously ill or not. Will you die? But what should be realized is a long-term abnormality that affects our body in many systems. which will reduce the quality of life performance of life

Whether working, studying or others, including the impact on relationships with family members, direct and indirect cost burdens

Omicron is not outrageous.  Epic long covid

At this point, he warned loudly that “the epidemic is widespread”…be careful when eating and drinking close to other people outside the home. Either when working, studying or traveling to avoid crowded places. poor ventilation

“He should go for a booster vaccine to reduce the chance of serious illness, death, and COVID-19. The most important thing is to wear a mask correctly and consistently. It will greatly reduce the risk.”

Position yourself well. Don’t get too caught up in subspecies news that it clouds Deltacron or whatever. There is no better benefit than having timely information about the actual situation of the cases. No matter what species… “Our defensive behavior is our best weapon.”

Now the crisis has exploded again. Not a small wave, you need to protect yourself well.

Back at the end of last week, there was information from the state of Washington. United States Shows that the rate of infection and hospitalization for people infected with strains “Omicron” BA.5 and BA.2.75.x is about 1.8-2%.

If you use this information to assess the situation in Thailand where 4,914 patients were hospitalized last week, it is found that new infections are likely to be as high as a day on average. 35,100-39,000 people

Note: from the previous estimate of 3%, it equates to around 23,400 people per day on average.

Therefore, it is not surprising that nowadays, looking around you, many infected people will find … Constant self-prevention is a necessary concern. It’s not just “sickness” or “death” when you’re infected, but long-term problems like “Long Covid”, that’s what the unpleasant effect is … preventing yourself from getting infected. or not being re-infected is the best

wearing the mask correctly will greatly reduce the risk.

Omicron is not outrageous.  Epic long covid

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Theera Worathanarat Information post information on personal Facebook “Thira Woratanarat” also said that the World Health Organization has published a report.

The latest WHO Weekly Epidemiological Update on the night of November 30, 2022, “Omicron” dominated the cases up to 99.9% in the last month.

When analyzing the stress of the past week, it was found that BA.5 accounted for 73%, BA.2 increased to 10.1% (previously 7.9%), and BA.4 decreased to 2.8% (previously 3.4%).

In terms of the subspecies of global concern, it is seen that BQ.1.x has increased to 27.3% (previously 23.1%) …while BA.2.75.x has risen to 6.6% (previously 5.4% ).

XBB rose slightly to 3.8% (previously 2.7%)…currently BQ.1.x has sprouted into more than 30 subspecies.

Professor Dr. Thira said that the nature of the epidemic … “long” in European countries. including Singapore which has just passed the latest wave of explosions If you look at the duration of the cases On average, the latest wave lasts 2-3 weeks shorter than the previous wave.

Most of the time, the first ripple takes about 8-10 weeks, while the last ripple usually lasts 6-8 weeks.

“Peak peak”… If you look at the average number of infections compared to the population, you will see that the latest wave The peak is usually about 65-80% of the previous wave. But there are some countries where the number of infections can jump 1.12 times higher than the previous wave.

If you are aware, you can know that even if 65-80% of the P wave is first considered a very high number, certainly not small, but if it is fraudulently underestimated unintentionally until that the peak is higher than the ripple before It can be serious. and it can cause this battle to extend into the shadows

Omicron is not outrageous.  Epic long covid

the last point “Factors that determine the epidemic fate of each country”… is the general nature of the epidemic of different countries that have been in the past, the types of viruses present in the area, the self-defense behavior of people, social conditions and environmental, and the congestion of the area, by the resident population and tourists

Including the effectiveness of the vaccine used. Time and coverage dependent booster vaccination rates

Finally, Professor Assoc. Dr Thira Woratanarat concluded We should all help each other to protect ourselves regularly Don’t be careless Wear a mask properly…very important.

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