Omicron mutants catch up with European winters-safe country numbering in the corona era-Bloomberg

The arrival of winter has brought a new wave of new coronavirus infections in the Northern Hemisphere, causing fluctuations in the safe country rankings of the corona era. A new mutant strain, the “Omicron strain,” has emerged to catch up, and there is a fear that it will reverse the movement of the world’s economic resumption.

  The Omicron strain unfortunately struck the Northern Hemisphere at the right time. As the temperature drops and more time is spent indoors, the number of infected people is increasing and new restrictions are being imposed in some areas.

In November, the European countries, which had been ranked high for several months in the world’s safest country / region ranking “COVID Resilience Ranking” compiled by Bloomberg every month, retreated in November, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ranked first. Ascended to.

Relatively since the start of the rankingIn the UAE, which has maintained a stable position, less than 100 new infections per day have been reported since mid-October.Maintained and killed almost zero. The vaccination rate is more than 200 times for 100 people, which is the highest in the world.

Of the countries that dropped the most in the November ranking, eight are located in Europe. Ireland, which was number one in September and October, dropped three levels to fourth. Austria, which reintroduced national lockdown (city blockade) for the first time in Europe, has retreated 31 ranks.

Chile is second and Finland is third. Both boast high vaccination rates and are opening the door to travelers. A strong economic recovery is expected, especially in Chile in the Southern Hemisphere, where the season is heading towards summer. In Finland, as in other European countries, infections are increasing, but still relatively small.

Omicron strains have the potential to change these. It’s still unclear how fast the infection will spread and whether existing vaccines will work, but it certainly has disrupted or even reversed efforts to reopen the economy in the last few days of November. Israel and Japan have completely stopped accepting foreign travelers from overseas. Many countries have restricted travel from southern Africa, leading to lower ranking scores.

New mutant “Omicron”, what we know at the moment-QuickTake

The COVID Tolerance Ranking is a monthly snapshot showing which countries / regions are most effective in responding with minimal impact on society / economy. It compares 53 countries and regions around the world facing the new corona based on 12 data indicators such as infection control, quality of medical care, vaccination rate, mortality rate, progress of resumption of travel and mitigation of border closure.

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Supplementary explanation of Bloomberg COVID resistance ranking

So far, not all countries in the Northern Hemisphere have been hit by a re-emergence of winter infections. As the Delta strains are waning, the United States has opened its borders to vaccinated people, moving up 13 levels to 13th place. The UK, which maintained a low mortality rate, also rose 13 ranks to 12th place.The British government makes Christmas without corona-related restrictions to the publicI promise. However, infections are on the rise in some areas, and the United States in particular is suffering from stagnant vaccination rates, increasing the risk of reversion to re-restricting migration.

The last three months have been a period of time when the world has been stagnation for two years before resuming and normalizing the economy. India has risen 19 levels to 26th, regaining its top half of the ranking for the first time since suffering a delta stock epidemic earlier this year.Of travelers on condition of vaccinationAcceptance resumed. It is a concern that domestic vaccination progress is relatively slow, but the feared third wave has not yet occurred.

Southeast Asian countries continue to occupy the bottom. The bottom is the Philippines, followed by Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia. In the Philippines and Indonesia, the number of vaccinations for 100 people is less than 100, which is a hindrance to the ranking.

Handling the Covid Era

Omicron and winter are reshaping the best places to be in Covid

The emergence of Omicron highlights the consequences of vaccine inequality warned by scientists and the World Health Organization (WHO). Unless access to and inoculation of vaccines in developing countries and regions improve, new mutants will continue to emerge.



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