Omicron Reinfection: Omicron variant; Are you more likely to get re-infection? Experts say

Trivandrum, First Published Jan 16, 2022, 5:38 PM IST

Experts say Omicron, a new variant of the corona virus, can infect a person twice. If the first omicron is a ‘low-dose’ that does not adequately stimulate the immune system, then an omicron re-infection is definitely possible. U.S. Epidemiologist Eric Feigle-Ding Said.

There are many studies going on about the new omicron re-infections. That a patient may have a double omicron infection ‘Rutgers New Jersey Medical School’ Professor Stanley Weiss Eric Reply to tweet. Omicron pours rapidly. Weiss also said he thinks it does not produce amazing protective immunity.

Weiss quoted Omikron for the first time and a recent lecture he received from a virologist in South Africa. He said he has seen many people who have had Omicron re-infection.

Experts point out that omicron can affect people with other infections and can cause mild symptoms in some people who are less immune. The Omicron variant is more than five times more likely to become infected again Imperial College London Says in the study conducted.

The researchers found that those who took the second dose of the vaccine and those who took the booster dose had a significantly higher risk of developing omicron compared to Delta.

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