Omicron variant confirmed in Saudi | 01Dec2021

Riyadh: The omicron variant of Kovid has been confirmed in Saudi Arabia. The infection was found in a Saudi national from Africa. The Saudi Ministry of Health said he and his associates had been admitted to the quarantine.

This is the first time in the Gulf that the Omicron variant has been confirmed. Some Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia, have imposed travel bans on 14 African countries. The patient is thought to have arrived in Saudi Arabia before being banned. At the same time, officials said people need not worry and the health department is ready to deal with any situation.

The ministry demanded that everyone complete the Kovid vaccination and take part in preventive measures. The ministry also stressed the need for visitors to Saudi Arabia to comply with the quarantine guidelines. Omikron is conducting vigilant checks at Saudi airports and seaports.

With the spread of the Omicron scare, the return journey of many expatriates, including Malayalees, became uncertain. Many expatriates were preparing to fly home and excursions for the winter holidays. Travel agencies said many had avoided the trip. Although the Gulf states are not currently at risk, reports of omikron in Saudi Arabia have raised some concerns. Expatriates are worried that travel restrictions will be tightened in the coming days.



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