Omicron will peak in February; The results of 3 candidates in Kerala may be known today

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala is awaiting the results of the genetic sequencing of 4 Kovid positive persons and their contacts from risk countries. The result of a Tamil Nadu native who arrived at Kozhikode airport from Germany, a health worker who came to Kozhikode from Britain and his mother is expected to come today. Kovid confirmed the whereabouts of a Punjabi national who arrived in Kozhikode from Serbia yesterday and a man who arrived in Kochi from Russia on Sunday. Their samples were also sent for testing.

Meanwhile, with the confirmation of Omikron for 2 more people in Maharashtra, the total number of cases in the country has risen to 23. Those who arrived in Mumbai from South Africa and the US were confirmed yesterday. In Maharashtra alone, there were 10 Omicon cases. Others are in Rajasthan (9), Karnataka (2), Gujarat (1) and Delhi (1).

IIT researchers warn that the spread of Kovid via the Omicron variant in India will peak in February. One lakh to one and a half lakh cases may be reported every day. Statistically based predictions indicate that the rate and impact of virus transmission will be lower compared to the second wave. However, such predictions are not confirmed by the Union Ministry of Health.

Health workers may be given a booster dose of the Kovid vaccine because of the potential for the spread of the omicron variant. The agreement was reached at a meeting of the National Technical Advisory Council on Immunization (NTAGI). The committee will re-evaluate the situation before forwarding the recommendation to the Ministry of Health. It was agreed at Monday’s meeting to wait another week or two to see if the current vaccine would be effective against Omicron.

There is an urgent need for booster doses in the country. A consortium of labs set up by the central government (Insagog) had recommended that booster doses be given to those over 40 years of age. Vaccination against Kovid started in India on January 16, 2021. Initially the vaccine was only for health workers and Kovid frontline fighters.

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