Omicron’s first discovery South African medical staff’s symptoms are mild, highly contagious

Angelique Kutze, President of the Medical Association of South Africa / Photo = Twitter

Medical staff in South Africa, who first reported the new corona 19 mutant virus Omicron to health authorities, explained that the symptoms of the Omicron mutation infection were completely different from those of the existing dominant mutation, the delta mutation.

“The symptoms of the patients were mainly mild fatigue and headache,” said Angelique Kuche, a South African doctor, in an interview with Bloomberg on the 30th. “It was different from the delta mutation.”

Kuche is a medical practitioner and president of the South African Medical Association in Pretoria, the administrative capital of South Africa. According to him, on the 18th (local time) of last month, patients complaining of corona symptoms began to flock in, and patients complained of headaches and muscle aches, or a sore throat and coughing.

Kutze said the symptoms of these patients were different from those caused by the delta mutation. Delta paralyzes the senses of smell and taste by accelerating the patient’s pulse and lowering oxygen saturation, but these patients did not have such symptoms. He informed the government’s COVID-19 medical advisory committee, and explained that the following week, the omicron mutation was discovered.

“At the time, I thought that this mutation could be similar to the beta mutation or could be a completely different mutation,” Kuche said. “I hope this mutation will not just go away, but will only cause mild symptoms,” he said.

Barry Schub, head of the Vaccine Advisory Committee of the South African government, said, “Many of those who have been fully vaccinated have been infected through the omicron mutation, but so far their symptoms have been mild.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) is of the opinion that it is premature to talk about the spread or symptoms of the mutation. The WHO is encouraging countries to strengthen testing to prevent the spread of Omicron, warning each country that a new mutation could lead to a re-spread of COVID-19.

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