Omikron is spreading faster than you think! Mo Yong expects the epidemic in Thailand to replace Delta no later than Jan.

news today Omikron is spreading faster than you think! Prof. Dr. Yong Phuworawan, chief specialist in clinical virology Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Post a message via Facebook saying that Covid 19 Omicron infection rate is increasing rapidly. and is going to replace Delta

Omikron is spreading faster than you think!

Yong also said that Omikron spreads very quickly. spread all over the world expanding and is about to replace the Delta species.

According to a follow-up study of the virus specialization center at Chula, all samples will be samples in Bangkok. in the first phase before the new year Most of the examples are from people arriving from overseas. After that, most were samples of those infected in Bangkok, especially since January 5th, most of them were domestically infected, and January 10th was a sample tested purely of those infected in Thailand. No longer check for travelers from abroad
It can be seen that the number of detections of omikron species is increasing rapidly. and is going to replace almost all Delta species. faster than expected It was originally thought that the Omikron line would replace all of them at the end of January.
Based on this data, the Omicron strain increased the infection rate much faster than the Delta strain. During the delta species that will replace the alpha species. It still took longer.

This data shows that the spread In particular, the Omicron species spread very quickly. therefore able to replace the Delta species According to the evolutionary principle of the virus and eventually the species that has spread in Thailand will be Omikron.

Omikron can handle it! card must not fall

What we all need to do to deal with the looming omicron epidemic is to be strict with basic protection measures that everyone must not fall.

1. Always wear a mask. put it right

2. Make it a habit to wash your hands often.

3. Social distancing

4. Use your own container. do not share with others

5. Get vaccinated against COVID

6. Carefully take care of the young children and the elderly.

If everyone can do this, it can help reduce the risk. reduce the spread of covid take responsibility for yourself Don’t forget to be socially responsible Follow each other strictly.


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