Omikron: Qatar tightens travel restrictions

Qatar has also tightened travel restrictions in the wake of the Kovid Omikron variant. The quarantine has been extended to seven days for travelers from countries newly added to the Exceptional Red List. But there is no change in the travel conditions from India

More countries have been added to the Exceptional Red List, a list of the most extreme Kovid countries, in the wake of reports of the Kovid Omikron variant. Botswana, Egypt, Izvatini, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe are among the new extremists. Hotel quarantine is now mandatory for those coming to Qatar from these countries for another seven days. It will take effect on Wednesday, December 1, from 6 p.m. Qatari nationals from newly arrived countries can stay in a hotel or home quarantine for up to seven days.

GCC citizens were given a seven-day hotel quarantine, Qatar Residence a two-day hotel quarantine and a five-day home quarantine. Visitors from these countries can leave the hotel seven days after completing the quarantine. However, countries on the list, including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal, have not changed their two-day hotel quarantine requirement.



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