Omikron tumultuous Thai hockey tumultuous canceled the Asian War The World Federation moved to organize Oman instead.

Omikron tumultuous Thai hockey canceled the Asian War The World Federation moved to organize Oman instead.

According to the Asian Hockey Federation assigned to the Hockey Association of Thailand Hosted the women’s team outdoor hockey tournament “Women’s Asia Cup 2022” between 20-28 January 2022 held at the Queen’s Stadium. Her Majesty the Queen’s 60th birthday, Khlong Hok Subdistrict, Thanyaburi District, Pathum Thani Province

“Big Nat” Mr. Chaiyaphak Siriwat, president of the Hockey Association of Thailand, said that an urgent meeting of the Executive Committee was called. Which is considered very bad news for hockey in Thailand. after the way CCC has announced that foreign tourists who have to travel to Thailand must quarantine at least 7-10 days according to the conditions of vaccination according to the number of doses specified.

Mr. Chaiyaphak also said that Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation in our country that requires everyone to wait until 4 January 2022, the World Hockey Federation (FIH) and the Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) have discussed with themselves the Is it possible to continue? which we cannot comply with the conditions of the world and Asia in the matter of quarantine So he allowed him to move the Asian Women’s Championship from Thailand to compete in Oman. even though Oman has no right to compete

“Therefore, we need to send the Thai women’s national team to compete in Oman on the same date, January 20-28 next year to maintain the sixth place in Asia for the right to compete in the Asian Games at china next year The eight nations participating in the competition are China, Japan, South Korea, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. This event is also competing to qualify for 1st-3rd place to represent Asia at the World Championships or World Cup next year.”

Mr. Chaiyaphak added that Damage from the cancellation of Thailand to host the scheduled event successfully The association has already paid a deposit of 800,000 baht for the Novotel Future Park hotel. Changing all the new toilets in the field Over half a million repainted and replaced all 12 air conditioners in the stadium after two years of inactivity.

“It is also a detriment to the country’s economic system. However, the association still has to arrange an additional budget from the original, we do not have to travel without expenses. But this time, there must be a budget for airfare, hotel accommodation, in addition to the cancellation of this Asian Women’s Hockey Championship game.”


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