On-site investigation of English-style grenade personnel blocking the hillside outside Xiaoxiwan village

Suspicious grenades were found on passing dead leaves.

At 12:50 this afternoon (22nd), a passerby found a suspected grenade on a dead leaf when he was passing by the hillside opposite Ruixi House in Siu Sai Wan Village, so he reported to the police for help. The personnel left the scene to investigate, and the relevant personnel arrived at the scene later, and the suspected grenade will be detonated later. During the period, the firefighters were also vigilant. It is reported that what was found was a British grenade, approximately 10 centimeters long and weighing approximately 2 pounds.

fireman 在山坡戒備。(朱偉坤攝)
fireman 在山坡戒備。(朱偉坤攝)

Firefighters stand guard on the hillside. (Photo by Zhu Weikun)



Officers arrived at the scene and fired suspicious grenades. (Photo by Zhu Weikun)


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