On the 10th, the south coast low pressure will snow in the city center, and next week there will be intense cold weather, and there is a risk of heavy snow on the Sea of ​​Japan side (Weather Forecast Rika Fukutomi February 07, 2023)- Japan Weather Association tenki.jp

On the 10th, a south coast low will drop snow in the city centre, and it will snow.

February 07, 2023 14:13

From the 10th (Friday) to the 11th (Saturday), there is a possibility of snow accumulation on the Pacific side such as Kanto due to the influence of the south coast low pressure system. If it rains next week, the cold air will move south to the vicinity of Hachijojima Island, and there is a risk of heavy snow again on the Sea of ​​Japan side. In February, intense cold air will temporarily move south, so we need to be cautious about future trends.

10 (Friday) Pay attention to the movement of a south coast low pressure system

In February, the winter type does not continue, and the low pressure often moves on to the east taking advantage of the gap. In the near future, from the 10th (Friday) to the 11th (Saturday), due to the influence of the south coast low pressure, the Pacific side such as the Kanto region will experience snow, and caution is needed as it may pile up . even on flat lands like the city centre.

According to current data, on the 10th, the south coast low pressure system is expected to move east from the west where cold air continues. It will rain in western Japan from the early morning of the 10th, and it will snow along the mountains. In the Kanto region, precipitation is expected to precede this south coast cyclone. At an altitude of 1,500 meters, which is the standard for snow on the flatlands of the Kanto region, the temperature drops to minus 3 degrees Celsius. Even in flat areas like central Tokyo, it may snow in the morning.

In Kanto Koshin, snow is expected for most of the day on the 10th, mainly in inland areas. The peak is from noon to night on the 10th, and about 30 cm of snow is expected to fall along the mountains, mainly in Yamanashi Prefecture, into the night. Even in the city centre, there is a possibility of around 1 cm of snow during the day. At night when the low pressure approaches, rain is expected to shift from the coastal areas to the plains of the Kanto region due to warm air. The rain is likely to melt the snow in the center of the city, but on the morning of the 11th, you need to be careful not to freeze roads.

It is difficult to predict snow in the Kanto region, and even if the air temperature drops by only 0.5°C, the rain forecast will turn into a snow forecast. Check often for the latest information.

Cold weather hits next week

Next week, on the 13th (Monday), the south coast low pressure will move east again. After this low pressure system passes, a winter-type pressure pattern will intensify near Japan, and strong cold air will flow in. If it descends, the cold air (minus 6°C or below about 1,500 meters above sea level) is expected to completely cover the area around Hachijojima.

The Sea of ​​Japan side will experience heavy snow again, and there is a risk that snow clouds will flow to the Pacific Ocean side such as Kinki and Tokai.

In February, the winter type will strengthen temporarily, and intense cold air is expected to flow in. It is still necessary to prepare for heavy snow, so check the latest weather information often.

Heavy snow in areas unfamiliar with snow Where do we need to be careful?

There are four areas where people who are not used to snow should be especially careful when walking on snowy roads.

The first is on a pedestrian overpass or bridge. Since it is not in contact with the ground, it is difficult to transfer heat from the ground, and even if it freezes, it does not melt easily.

The second is where you can get on and off buses and taxis. It becomes slippery when snow is compacted by people going on and off or by car tyres.

The third is a pedestrian crossing. Not only does it make it easier for the snow to compact as more people and cars pass by. In particular, the white line part is difficult for water to penetrate, and it is easy for a thin ice film to form.

The fourth is the entrance to the basement and the entrance to the building. Snow on the bottom of the boots may remain near the entrance. Going down to the basement is even more dangerous because there are stairs.

On the 10th (Friday), for the first time this season in the Kanto region, there is a risk of snow accumulation even on flat ground like in the center of the city. Be especially careful in these areas.

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