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On the 29th, kt-LG, Hanwha-Doosan games were canceled… KBO group 1 corona confirmed for the first time

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Suwon KT Wiz, who is running first in the KBO League 2021 season, is concerned that the unexpected Corona 19 issue will affect their performance.

This is the first time the first-team match has been canceled due to COVID-19.

The KBO announced on the 29th that it would cancel the match between the KT and LG Twins, which was scheduled to be held in Jamsil, Seoul on the 29th, and the match between the Hanwha Eagles and the Doosan Bears in Daejeon, respectively. The two canceled matches will be rescheduled at a later date.

This is because a coach of the kt team was confirmed to have Corona 19, but the epidemiological investigation was not completed, such as the scheduled epidemiological investigation started only in the morning of the same day, so the schedule for the 30th was also canceled and the KBO is highly likely to organize a new program.

The day before, kt’s coach A tested positive for COVID-19, and based on this, all the team members were tested for COVID-19 on the same day. Fortunately, on the 29th, all of them tested negative for COVID-19, and the crisis was avoided.

However, the schedule of the epidemiological investigation was extended due to the coincidence of many parts of coach A and the team, and the schedule of the epidemiological investigation at the Daejeon Stadium where kt played on the 27th was also delayed, so even the match between Hanwha and Doosan was canceled.

A KBO official explained, “Apart from the negative results of the team, the quarantine authorities are conducting a thorough epidemiological investigation on kt to ensure the stability of league members and baseball fans. Since the results of the epidemiological investigation have not yet been released, the Jamsil match is cancelled.” did.

At the same time, a Doosan official was also diagnosed with the virus the day before. All Doosan team and front team were tested for Corona 19, and all of them were tested negative on the same day and moved to Daejeon, but the Daejeon match schedule was also canceled as the results of the Daejeon Stadium epidemiological investigation with kt did not come out until 3:30 pm that day.

/Reporter Sueun Song [email protected]

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