on the breath of importers – consumers Exemption from anti-dumping duty on tin steel for another 6 months

Trade extends the tax exemption on tinned, tinplate and non-tinned steel, from China, South Korea, Taiwan, the EU for the 4th time, for another 6 months until November 2023 after the end of 12 May 2023, fearing producers food lose Export potential and consumers buy more expensive products

Reporters reported that the Dumping and Subsidy Committee ​​​​(TAT), chaired by Mr Jurin Laksanawisit, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, considered the renewal of steel products the anti-dumping tax exemption (AD) for produce cans of food. coiled and uncoated tinplate (tinplate) originating in China, South Korea, Taiwan and the European Union (EU) and chromium-plated or coated steel coil, whether roll (without tin) from China, South Korea or not. and the EU, excluding lacquered, laminated or printed products for a further 6 months until 12 November 2023 after the exemption from collection of such tax has ended on 12 May 2023 is the 4th renewal since the first exemption on 13 Nov 21- 12 May 22, then a second renewal for another 6 months on 13 May – 12 Nov ’22 and the third time 6 months on 13 Nov ’22- 12 May ’23

for tax exemption Although there is still continuous dumping in Thailand (The price of goods imported into Thailand is lower than what is sold in the country of origin), but the IAT has considered the benefits of consumers, consumers and the public in accordance with Section 7 of the Anti-dumping and Subsidy Act. foreign countries 2542 BE saw that if the AD tax was collected, it would affect the consumer such as food immediately to have higher costs Affecting the ability to compete in the world market. The prepared food produces a large amount of value from exports per year. And finally, consumers may have to buy canned food at a higher price.

Mr. Wisit Limlucha, Vice President of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and honorary president of the Deli Food Manufacturers Association said that the exemption from HR tax for another 6 months is beneficial for users of both types of steel which will reduce costs. from having to pay HR tax on imported goods and benefit consumers. that they do not have to buy higher priced tinned food It is also subject to the user agreement. and domestic steel producers Consumers, importers agree to buy 2 types of steel from manufacturers according to the total production volume. at a price consistent with the world market Because of the need to import Because the production in the country is only half of the demand. Therefore, the other half must be imported.

The reporter continued to report that IAT has opened an anti-dumping investigation of 2 types of steel from 4 countries as filed by Thai steel producers. because it was being dumped until it was damaged And after the investigation, it was found that it was actually dumping, so the HR tax was collected for 5 years from 12 November ’21-13 November ’26, but because many users 2 a kind of steel, especially ready-made food. If collecting HR tax It can affect consumers and users So the IAT has exempted the tax collection for a total of 4 times in a row. Free tin from China is subject to 0-24.73% AD of the CIF price. (Product prices include insurance and shipping costs), South Korea 0-17.06% and Europe 18.52% until November ’26. if not needed it will cancel The tinplate from China will be collected 0-17.46%, South Korea 0-22.67%, Taiwan 4.28-20.45% and Europe 5.82% until November 2026 and revised after 5 years as well .


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