On the court, only the United States takes the initiative to comfort Iran

On the court, only the United States takes the initiative to comfort Iran

【Now Sports】 Political disputes, after moving to the stadium to compete, there is no hatred here, only peace and love! The United States beat Iran 1-0 in the World Cup Group B quarter-finals on Tuesday to join England in the same group. After the game, many of the defeated Iranian players sat on the ground with sad expressions, and even shed tears. However, the American players not only celebrated the victory, but extended a hand of friendship and stepped forward to comfort the lost opponent.

It is said that the striker Josh Sargent, who played for Norwich, was the first American player to offer comfort and encouragement to the Iranian players. After witnessing this scene with Tim Fivea and others, they also stopped to celebrate , and express their hearts to the Iranian players together with Shazhen.

After the match, Sha Zhen said in an interview: “My condolences to every team, no matter who it is. In such a big game, their frustration will touch me, so I want to say some words of encouragement. However, all Team players are human beings who have tried their best to reach this big moment and it must be hard to lose her.”

Tim Fivea, who has Liberian and Jamaican ancestry, understands this better: “The United States and Iran have a lot of political problems. I just want to show that we are all human beings and love each other. I just want to spread peace and love. Showing him that he comes from different backgrounds and grew up different, but he can also be my family, my brother. I love them as much as I love the people I grew up with.”

To tell the truth, when the two teams met for the first time in the 1998 World Cup, the relationship between the two countries was also full of tension at that time. The United States also defined Iran as an axis of evil, but the players of the both sides still communicate peace and love, sending flowers and pennies to each other to show Friendship on the football field.

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