“On the day I didn’t wear underwear, there was a strong wind…” Public officials fined for ‘exposing the body’

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A government official in his 20s who exposed certain parts of his body in front of a woman he met on the street was sentenced to fine.

On the 3rd, Daegu District Court’s 8th Criminal Division Chief Judge Park Seong-joon announced that he had sentenced a 29-year-old public official A (29) who was charged with performing obscenity to a fine of 2 million won. He also ordered a 40-hour sexual assault treatment program and a one-year restriction on employment at organizations related to children, youth, and the disabled.

On February 22, at around 8:53 pm, Mr. A was walking on a road in Buk-gu, Daegu, without underwear on, wearing only a padded jumper, and found two women coming from the opposite side. was brought to trial with

At the trial, Mr. A said, “I couldn’t wear underwear because of inflammation in the groin. While walking towards the Pilates academy while wearing only leggings and long padding, the hem of the padded robe suddenly opened up on both sides in a strong wind, exposing it.” This argument was not accepted on the basis of the statement of reflection. It is known that there are contents such as ‘I committed a criminal act, one mistake caused great trouble in my future life’.

The court said, “If we look at the statement of reflection, it is reasonable to believe that the accused intentionally exposed it.” The court said, “The offense is an act that causes sexual shame in the general public and seriously undermines trust in public officials, so they should be held accountable. ” he said.

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