On the day of the disaster, an opposition lawmaker who went to Itaewon in a ‘Doctor Car’ resigned from the National Investigation Committee

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On the day of the 10.29 disaster, controversy arose as it was revealed that Democratic Party lawmaker Shin Hyun-young, a former doctor, had gone to the scene in a medical team car, and it was revealed that Congressman Shin’s husband, a dentist, was also in the car.

People’s Power accused the disaster of being used for publicity, and Congressman Shin voluntarily resigned as a member of the National Investigation Committee on the 10.29 disaster.

This is the report of reporter Kim Gun-hwi.

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This is a video posted on Facebook by Representative Shin Hyun-young of the Democratic Party at the time of the 10.29 disaster.

You can see ambulances, the police, and citizens through the windshield of the vehicle.

The car that Congressman Shin rode in is a so-called doctor’s car, a car that rushes medical staff to disaster sites.

Shin was a family medicine specialist at Myongji Hospital before becoming a member of the National Assembly.

On that day, I went to the disaster site in the car of the doctor of the Disaster Medical Assistance Team at Myongji Hospital.

Car left Dr. Myongji Hospital from Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do at 0:51 on the 30th, and moved to Itaewon via Hapjeong and Sinchon Station.

Instead of continuing along Gangbyeon North Road, I took a detour to pick up Congressman Shin in the middle.

It arrived in 54 minutes, more than 20 minutes longer than other hospitals a similar distance away.

Congressman Shin said that as a doctor he went to help deal with the accident.

[신현영/민주당 의원(어제, BBS라디오 ‘전영신의 아침저널’)]

“Of course, we decided that moving with the Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) and checking the situation together in the process of moving and being put in the field would be the most useful for our field recovery .”

However, it was revealed that her husband, a dentist, was also in the car.

Representative Shin explained, “My husband is also an oral surgeon, so I went to help him,” but the people’s power demanded that he resign, saying that he would review the charge of violating the Act Medical.

[양금희/국민의힘 수석대변인]

“I obstructed the prompt medical assistance of the disaster relief team for a disaster relief publicity show that even my husband mobilized. It is an illegal act equivalent to obstructing emergency medical care.”

Representative Shin resigned today as a member of the parliamentary inquiry into the October 29 disaster, saying that the essence of the government’s investigation should not be clouded because of it.

This is Kim Gun-hwi from MBC News.

Video commentary: Hwang Sang-wook / Video editing: Kim Jae-seok / Data provided: Office of People’s Power Congressman Lee Jong-seong

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